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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

The Spirit of Life and Goals

Now is an awesome time of year. The time of, yes, believe it or not, rebirth of dreams. A time to go, “AHA! I WILL!” So often many of us GIVE UP on our goals and dreams. I have “temporary defeats” all the time, many times when I quit. But this new year reminds me that dreaming is still OK. And achieving my goals is also what I deserve to work for!

One example is driving, I have not been too keen to “grab the bull by the horns.” I waited seven months longer than needed to get my driver’s permit, and have since lollygagged in achieving my required hours. Now, I’ve decided to put some effort into this goal. Better late than never, I am driving to earn my driver’s license. Better yet, I’m proud of it!

I also know it’s important to get serious about definite goals, keeping them face-to-face with myself. One of my favorite authors on this subject is the great Zig Ziglar, who left us back in early December. He has some great videos on the NightingaleConant1 channel on YouTube about goal setting that I recommend everyone watch and use. Another perfect chapter I’ve found on this matter is the second chapter (if I’m not mistaken) of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. He lays out six steps that have been described by Andrew Carnegie and his contemporaries, which have been used through time by people like Donald Trump and Opera Winfrey. The key things I notice are that the goals must be DEFINITE, written down, constantly read over, constantly in sight, and consistently worked towards. I’ll admit, I’m learning this the hard way in high school. Drifting and being indefinite only leads me to more temporary defeat and frustration. The more I adhere to some the principles I learned about goal setting (and following) in that book, the better I achieve.

Last of all, I know this is a fun holiday. It is also my father’s birthday. My grandmother is always excited to tell me of all the number ones (first day, first month, first child, first grandchild, etc.) that surround the day. But more than that, it gives all of us hope for the future. I notice that the idea of newness of life, a birth, always excites us, and I think the most important thing of all is that we use this hope and excitement to our advantage.

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