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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

Digital Collection - UltraViolet

UltraViolet is a free, cloud-based digital rights collection that gives you greater flexibility with how and where you watch the movies and TV shows that you purchase. When you buy a movie or TV show from a participating retailer, it's automatically added to your Digital Collection and you have options to stream it over the Internet and/or download it for offline viewing to a variety of connected devices. Because UltraViolet offers so many viewing choices, you have greater freedom to choose where you want to watch - on a mobile device, computer, television, game console, etc.

A one-time purchase gives you flexibility to watch the way you want to: Stream to any internet-connected device, including cable/satellite set-top boxes. Download for offline viewing, including full HD copies. Get a disc included even when you buy online - either download or streaming.

For online purchases, you can easily add new titles directly to your Digital Collection as part of your purchase process. Before you complete your check-out, you'll be given the opportunity to log into your UltraViolet account (or create one if needed), and your movie or TV show will be automatically added to your Digital Collection. UltraViolet-enabled movies and TV shows on disc come with in-package instructions on how to log in (or create an account) and add the title to your Digital Collection.

When you buy a DVD check the paperwork inside; there might be an authorization code to add that movie to your digital collection. UltraViolet accounts are free of charge, with unlimited access to manage your movies and TV shows. You may share your UltraViolet account with up to five other people, and each member can have their own sign-in name/password, parental control settings, and other personalized details.

You can convert your current DVDs to digital. Here are the costs: $2 per DVD to convert to Standard Definition (SD), $2 per Blu-ray™ disc to convert to High Definition with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound (HDX), $5 per DVD to convert and upgrade to HDX.

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