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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Emergency Aid of Boulder City

I am dedicating this month's article to the current financial crisis facing Emergency Aid of Boulder City.

The volunteer directors of Emergency Aid, with compassion and good judgement, have helped the less fortunate of our town for nearly fifty years. Initially the directors operated from their living rooms and garages. Currently they are operating out of the Water and Power Building at 600 Nevada Way, which the City has provided. We are proud to continue having them provide a critical function in our wonderful city.

During this joyous time of year, Emergency Aid has just completed distributing Thanksgiving dinner fixings to over 200 of our less fortunate families. Much of the food in these boxes is donated by residents and collected and delivered to the pantry by our Boy Scouts. Soon, volunteers will help supply the Elks Club with food for their Christmas Food Box program. Next on the agenda will be the wonderful Christmas Angel program which blesses the lives of many in our community. Emergency Aid is also well known for its food pantry and its 24-hour assistance to stranded transients who find their way to the City dispatch desk.

Emergency Aid also provides emergency rental and utility assistance to families facing eviction and utility cut-off, something often forgotten. The payments are made directly to landlords and utility companies on behalf of temporarily needy clients. This is a costly endeavor which has saved many families from the brink of financial ruin. It is in this critical area of financial assistance that Emergency Aid is facing a serious shortage. The rather long downturn of the local economy and resultant job loss continues to drain their coffers. To their credit, Emergency Aid has almost no costs. Many volunteer working directors spend long hours interviewing and screening clients to assure that they meet federal guidelines for help and that clients are doing everything possible to help themselves. See their article on the inside front cover.

Please consider helping this wonderful organization. Your donation will bless the lives of individuals and families. A donation would be a great start to the Holidays!

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