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The Arts
by Christina Frausto
Supporter of the Arts

Fundrasing for the Boulder City Art Guild and Gallery

The skulls are coming! Boulder City Art Guild and Gallery are holding an unusual fundraiser this year. In celebration of Day of the Dead, the Guild is offering porcelain skulls for purchase. The skulls are to be decorated, and then donated back to the Guild for a silent auction. Purchase price for the skulls and auction results will go directly to the Guild. The Day of the Dead celebration culminates on Friday, November 1st, at 6:00pm with a potluck and closure of the silent skull auction.

Day of the Dead is an annual event that is believed to have its roots within the Aztec tradition. Today, it is particularly celebrated in Mexico with visits to graves in remembrance of those that have passed. The tradition of celebrating Day of the Dead has grown and is now embraced by cultures and countries in many areas around the world. Support the Guild and consider decorating a porcelain skull, bidding on a skull and attending the Day of the Dead event on November 1st, 2013.

The Guild is also bringing an interesting, and much needed class to Boulder City. On September 22nd, the Guild will be offering a “How to Market Your Art” workshop. Artists seem to struggle with two areas: how to price their work and how to market their work. This workshop should be very informative and helpful to all artists. Contact the Guild for more information.

The Guild also highlights a special artist each month and a half. For August and September the watercolorist, Vina Curtis, is the featured artist. She has been water coloring for over thirty years and is the past-president of the Nevada Watercolor Society.

The Guild also continues its First Thursday Artist’s Talks. Each first Thursday of the month, a different artist discusses their work at 6:30pm in the Guild’s gallery. The September speaker will be artist Jan Bennett, who works in watercolor, acrylics, and oils. The event is open and free for all. Please support your local art institutions and artists!

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