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Cover Story
31ers Educational Outreach
by Patty Sullivan

September 30, 2010 marks the 75th year of the completion of Hoover Dam. The 31ers Educational Outreach Team has been holding 75th Anniversary events throughout the year and are excited to share the culmination of these activities at the October 9th 31ers Luncheon and Educational Outreach Showcase.

In March, the 31ers Team spent the day at Garret Middle School where they provided a presentation to six classes, more than 200 seventh grade students. Garrett Middle School 7th Grade Teacher Mrs. West gave the students a list of questions that were then answered at the presentation. The presentation concluded with questions and answers.

At Spring Jamboree, the 31ers Team planted hollyhock seeds from the garden of 31er Laura Smith (Godbey). The Godbey family planted hollyhocks back in the 1930s and those same plants have been producing new plants and seeds for the past 70+ years. With the planting of the seeds, participants were told stories about how people brought seeds, plant clippings and soil with them when they moved to Boulder City to establish their gardens.

Visiting the 31ers booth, Mitchell Elementary School Teacher Mrs. Carla Sullins asked if the team could bring the stories and planting of hollyhocks to the first grade students at Mitchell. Happy to do so, the 31ers team did just that. Thrilled with the outcome, Mrs. Sullins asked if the 31ers Team would make it a tradition to come back each year the week before Mother’s Day to plant hollyhocks and tell historical stories. Since the seeds have been passed around the neighborhood of Laura Smith (Godbey) for more than 70 years, each of these children’s families will have a little piece of Boulder City history for their own garden.

At the Best Dam BBQ, a Dutch Oven demonstration along with Hoover Dam history was presented. Folks were served a fabulous egg, cheese and bacon breakfast while they learned local history and Dutch Oven cooking tips.

The theme for this year’s Damboree was “A Blast From The Past” Honoring the People Who Built Hoover Dam and Boulder City. The 2010 Damboree T-shirt represented this theme and the Grand Marshals were the 31ers families and the 31ers Team. The 31ers parade entry included three floats: Ragtown Living, Bootleg Canyon and Powder Monkeys, along with three antique vehicles: a 1923 Model A Touring car, a 1931 Milk Truck and 1931 Model A Coup.

National Night Out is an event to promote community policing, and where law enforcement agencies play games against each other. This year, both Lake Mead and Hoover Dam law enforcement officers were invited to play against each other. Prior to the Star Spangled Banner, information was presented about Boulder City having the first lighted ball fields outside of the professional realm and related the excitement of the completion of Hoover Dam to the excitement we feel today for the completion of the Bypass.

31ers Educational Outreach activities also included a round table discussion on Thursday, September 17, prior to the September 18 and 19 Chautauqua.

The federal government will celebrate the 75th Anniversary at a ceremony on Thursday, September 30, 2010 in the same location on Hoover Dam that President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated Hoover Dam 75 years ago. 31er Ila Davey will be speaking at this event.

The October 9th 31ers Luncheon & Educational Outreach Showcase at the Community College of Southern Nevada, Boulder City Campus, will be transformed into a plethora of local history. The cost of the luncheon is $20 per person. Reservations are recommended. Please contact the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum.

At this luncheon you will meet original 31ers and learn about Hoover Dam and Boulder City history with youths presenting Boulder City history to original 31ers. By doing this, 31ers can see first hand how their early Boulder City stories will transcend the generations.

Each year, the 31ers Team will incorporate grade appropriate material about local history, which supports educational standards. Although standards change from state to state the foundation of this material can be adapted to meet any state’s educational standards in the country. In time, this material will be packaged in a way that will be user friendly to teachers throughout the country spreading 31ers stories nationally that will transcend the generations.

The 31ers team is always in need of volunteers and funds. They have created a 75th Anniversary T-shirt that is available at Ace Shopper Stopper and Albertsons. Proceeds from T-shirt purchases will benefit the 31ers Educational Outreach efforts. We’re trying to get as many people as possible to wear these shirts on September 30, 2010, the day Hoover Dam was dedicated 75 years ago.

For more information or to contribute time, talents or funds to the continuing efforts of the 31ers Educational Outreach, please contact Patty Sullivan at 293-9340.

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