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Cover Story
Damboree Celebration

Over the years, the Damboree Committee has grown to include a wide variety of talent and expertise. Damboree member and UPS Pilot Bill Perlmutter, who flew a Far East route for many years, has brought his Taiwanese wife, Chin Ping, here to Boulder City. Chin Ping brings to the Committee experience as an author and as a top marketing and public relations executive from China. When the Committee asked who wants to write this year’s Damboree article for the Boulder City Magazine, Chin Ping jumped at the chance. We hereby share with you the Boulder City Damboree Celebration from a new and different cultural perspective.

Golden Moment  
by Chin Ping Perlmutter

Life gives us many twists and turn along the way. This is the reason for me wanting to save my happiest and most exciting moment in my memory treasure box. I call this valuable treasure, my “Golden Moment”.  When I am under extreme pressure or in a difficult situation, as long as I think about my, ”Golden Moment,” I have the strength to resolve my issues.

The July 4th Damboree Celebration in clean, green Boulder City, with its fun and memory-filled all day activities, is my special Golden Moment! I will never forget my first Damboree with the fireworks too beautiful to describe, especially for an Asian woman who only saw “firecrackers” in government events. I was so impressed by the Damboree Committee’s ability to completely organize such an event for the City. 
When you first step into the beautiful park near the Post Office, the sizzling breakfast will greet your senses and help start the all day enjoyment.
Next comes the parade, which is for all ages. Hundreds of groups all participate, including schools, veterans, firefighters, police officers, military, local businesses, political, beauty pageant contestants, equestrian entries, pet associations and an array of other unique entries... you name it, it will all be there! All these people spend a great deal of time in preparing for this special day. All participants feel proud of our country and are happy to join in. The parade allows fun for those who want to be soaking wet or completely dry. Who says Boulder City isn’t the “coolest town!”

After the parade, Broadbent Memorial Park welcomes you with ceremonies, entertainment and the announcement of the parade winners.

Non-profit organizations indulge us with culinary comfort foods, games and playful park antics including pool activities and competition games.  I feel like I am walking in Utopia with the music playing, people cheering, flags waving, and children running around with smiles from ear to ear.

You won’t want to miss the evening fireworks at Veterans’ Memorial Park; they truly are energizing. Prime parking spaces fill up early so get to the Park early for the best spots. Not to worry, if you come later, the Park offers a fabulous view for everybody from any location.

Boulder City has tons of energy to refresh and inspire you. Simply open your eyes and your heart to share your time with family, friends and the ones you love.

When I see you on July 4th with that special glow on your face, I know that you too will catch that “Golden Moment.”

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