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Cover Story
by Tony Korfman, Director of Operations
Hacienda Hotel & Casino

Hacienda In Good Hands
The days of childhood are numbered. So were the days of the Hacienda Hotel and Casino. It was going to be sold to the National Park Service, and they were going to close it - shut it down - board it up! And put 300 hard working men and women out of work.

But not anymore - not anymore. The 3 families that own the property, the Beldings, the Ensigns and the Richardsons, have decided to keep the property and re-energize it. For that they called Tony Korfman. Tony Who? That was the name of the local television show I had in 1997 and 1998 before I retired from the old Gold Strike Inn.

The Hacienda used to be called the Gold Strike Inn before a tragic fire destroyed it in 1998. I retired on March 1st of 1998 and the fire occurred on June 16th of that same year from some roofing material while the property was being re-roofed with hot tar. I was at the helm for almost 20 years and my name was synonymous with the property. I have been General Manager of the Edgewater Hotel & Casino in Laughlin for the past 4 years. I decided to retire again after the MGM-Mirage and Mandalay Bay Resorts merger, then the phone rang - again.

My philosophy is simple: I believe you have to live in the town where your business is located. When your customers see you in town, they will always tell you if you are doing something right or wrong. This gives you an opportunity to correct the problems or praise the people that are doing things right. The old Gold Strike Inn did a lot of things right.

So will the Hacienda Hotel and Casino. We are busy working toward our Grand Re-Opening, scheduled for the end of July. The entertainment bar will be rebuilt by then, and high energy groups are already being scheduled. New slots have been ordered and Jay Server, our Slot Director, and his great team are looking forward to the slot upgrades we have planned. Poker will be back at the Hacienda and the games area will be expanded.

I have always had a love for food and that is a very high priority on my laundry list of things to do at the Hacienda. Denise Elvena, who was the food and beverage director for many years, has rejoined the Hacienda team along with our new chef, Terry Gale. Terry brings 25 years of experience and all new recipes and ideas. The buffet has already seen many upgrades and we've "only just begun." We are also working on "early bird" specials for the Steak House, and aggressively working on increasing our staffing levels in our Food and Beverage Department. I am definitely serious about hiring people. I offered Brad Appleby a job as a cook 3 times during our discussion about this article.

In a few months it will be just like the old Gold Strike. Just like the bar in the sitcom “Cheers”, where everyone knows your name. At the Hacienda, we want people to have a fun experience when they visit us. Entertainers like Chuck Peterson, Clare Estrada and Mark “Elvis” Davis will help us to make sure that it is. And of course there’s the monthly game shows we have planned, and that’s just the beginning.

Just like the cover of this magazine shows... The Hacienda Hotel & Casino is on the right track - and in good hands. A fun place where everyone knows your name.

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