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Boulder City - The Magazine® January, 2004 Issue

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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

During the past six and one half years we've had several deviations from the basic format of the Boulder City Home Guide while trying to work toward a general magazine providing wider reader interest - for the most part, it turned out to be - a home guide.

A home guide is not bad. Quite the contrary, it is an important asset to our community. But, we want more.

This time, I believe the new format, a minor name change, and a few other alterations will set us on a path to achieving our goal.

I remain Publisher, Managing Editor, and all-around grunt. Brad Appleby of Appleby Arts, accepted my offer adding his name to the banner and taking on the duties of Art and Advertising Director. Brad has big plans for redesigning (next month) which will help move the magazine forward.

We have a title line for those pursuing literary attention. We call them Contributing Writers. Underpaid and without pay, freelance writers have been adding fresh and interesting ideas to pages of magazines since the beginning of - well - magazines.

No, don't look for the controversial, the subversive, and the antagonistic on these pages, although it may be difficult to remain totally uncontroversial. After all, who on this earth can write a word without someone disagreeing? In Boulder City? You know that answer.

Most of us have been aware Boulder City has a viable "arts" community. Many artists display their talents in local art shows, in the Boulder Dam Hotel, and on other walls about the town. We have writers in Boulder City too; through the Boulder City Literary Foundation, Inc. (BCLF) a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation, the Writer's Roundtable, and other similiar groups, we will strive to provide a venue for the Literary Arts as well.

During the 2003 Chamber of Commerce Spring Jamboree, BCLF hosted ten published local and area writers for a two day book signing and discusion. One of those writers was Stephen Coonts, a popular international author with more than ten novels to his credit. Coonts, who lives in Las Vegas, consented to help in the Foundation booth.

Generally little known but often enjoyed, a Writers Round Table gathering is held once a month in the Boulder City Library. From this talented group and other writers who may come forward (such as Cyndi DeBoer, page 7), I expect to capture many of the articles for Boulder City, The Magazine.

Although our Departments and Columns (adjacent column) are a work in progress and will vary thoughout the months before we settle on a fixed format (if at all), we think we have an interesting start. Readers will see a better sampling after we get past the effort of a first issue.

One might wonder, if I have been publishing the Boulder City Home Guide for the past six and a half years, "what's the big deal"? The answer? Time, artistic contributions, and fresh ideas. Hence the importance of Brad Appleby's contribution.

Something I had tried before, but didn't have legs, is the "Spotlight on Business" column. Two columns in the past included Christina's Treasurers and Chiarelli's Deli.

We continue "Spotlight on Business" in this issue with Miss Amy Arnaz. Miss Amy has provided grist for my writing mill in at least two publications in the past. As I recall, the first time I used her expertise was in an article I wrote while I was the fitness editor for LV magazine in Las Vegas in the mid 1980's. Amy is always a good read.

I suppose I am partial to health and physical fitness. Our first contributing writer's article will have to be entered in that catagory. Cyndi DeBoer has given us a good start with very short notice and space considerations. I became aware of her writing talent when she was a student in one of my writing classes. We have more talent in this town and will highlight as much as we can.

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