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by Everett Chase

Dance Etc.
"I actually opened my first studio across the street in 1979," says Miss Amy Arnaz, popular business women and dance teacher.

Although Miss Amy has been involved in dance all of her life, she graduated from college in 1973 with a degree in geology.

"I liked it because it was the exact opposite of the satin ballet slippers. I got to wear hiking boots and camp out and get grubby."

Grubby is hardly the image Miss Amy Arnaz portrays to her students and the people of Boulder City.

Her Dance Etc. studio, which has grown to more than 500 dance students ranging in age from 3-18, will celebrate its' 25th Anniversary this year. Adult programs have been expanded to include ladies ballet, tap, jazzercise, body sculpting, step & stretch, Pilates mat classes, and Pilates Yoga. Her newest ventures are piano and guitar classes taught by Billy Hinsche, a life-long friend of husband Desi.

A 10-year-old gym containing exercise equipment closed last summer to make room for her growing dance classes. Amy donated most of the equipment for the future gym in the Boulder City Senior Center located in the old library building. A treadmill and stationary bike found its way to the Boulder City Hospital's new pulmonary rehab unit.

"The gym we had was very nice and we had a lot of dedicated folks who worked out regularly," Amy says, "but our children's dance program has grown enormously and we decided the space occupied by the gym equipment would be better used for more dance lessons."

Over the years Amy's business decisions regarding Dance Etc. have been on target which is evidenced by the number of attendees in her classes. But her Dance Etc. business is not her only venture.

Seven years ago Amy and Desi founded the non-profit Boulder City Ballet Company (BCBC). For the past four years, BCBC has presented "The Nutcracker" ballet in the historic Boulder Theater which they purchase four years ago. This season marked 5 sold out performances of the Nutcracker.

Amy and Desi are now planning spring dance concerts which include an original ballet called the"BC Kitty Cats" written by Miss Amy. The concert features dancers age 3-8 and will be presented April 23-24, while a dance extravaganza featuring older dancers will perform "Dance Etc. at 25" on May 14, 15, and 16.

Miss Amy's investment in her business and in Boulder City culture continues, but she can still remember her first investment of $250 a month for her first dance studio in the back of a clothing store (former Vanna's and Pete's building).

"I sold some stocks I had and bought a wooden floor," Amy says. "My brother laid this beautiful wooden floor for me and I bought barres and mirrors which is your main investment if you're a ballet teacher."

That main investment for Amy then, has become a big investment for Boulder City since. We thank her.

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