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Sleight Ride Away, Come and Play!
by Jill Rowland-Lagan, CEO, Boulder City Chamber of Commerce

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way to Boulder City! Did I hear you singing that little phrase? Hard not to, and now you’ll have it in your head all day. You’re welcome! But what a great way to lift your spirits with cheerful music and merry times in Boulder City during the coming season. With the natural disasters and meaningless tragedies of our now-normal day, it is nice to think about the more joyful days ahead. We need to give our hearts a rest from their weariness. Boulder City is mindful of those in a time of need, and have opened their hearts to help them heal and find a little lightness in their sea of strain. We know Boulder City is a friendly place that welcomes all and can be a center of warmth and smiles this holiday season. We extend our hands to all those looking to find a little reprieve and joy.

I think seeing the looks of wonder on the faces of our little people is magical. I crave that vision of jolliness every year. It may be a bit too dark before The Tree Lighting at Frank Crowe Park to be able to see those little cherubs smile. However, once Jingle Cat and Mr. & Mrs. Clause arrive at 6pm on Friday, December 1st, the park zings to life with their screaming fan club. That energy gives Jingle Cat’s brightly lit magic wand all the power it needs to get that tree lit from trunk to branch to the very tippy-top shining star. Here’s the challenge...let’s get the most people we’ve ever had in the park so we can get on the nightly news! Kevin Janison will be there with his camera crew to do a live weather report right from our famous tree. So don’t miss out and join the Cat Club...Jingle Cat Club that is! Also, post your fun night’s photos on social media with:




If you are wondering how, that night, the World Famous Christmas Light Fight Winning House is
going to get lit for all to enjoy, don’t worry one more second. Jingle Cat has already notified the groomer that she needs to be ready at 5:30pm on Friday, December 1st to make her appearance at Dale and Dyanah’s Great Light Switch Flip (1525 Fifth Street) just before meeting the camera crew at the Annual Tree Lighting. Wow, there is so much demand for a celebrity this time of year!

Didn’t get the best photos in the dark at the Tree Lighting? Well then, on Saturday, December 2nd, bring your camera and cute Christmas sweater to the Doodlebug Bazaar at the Recreation Center from 11am to 2pm and find Mr. and Mrs. Clause posed perfectly on the lovely stage area waiting to take a picture with you. All photos taken with your camera are free, and we have the option of professional photos by 28 Sunflowers. While you wait for your seat on Santa’s lap, gaze over the many crafty booths lined up like little soldiers in the gyms. The Boulder City Community Club always organizes an excellent event for us to do a little shopping with some of the most talented crafters in Southern Nevada. You can shop from 9am to 4pm at Doodlebug.

If you are making a full day of it, the next event on December 2nd is probably the most anticipated of the season and Jingle Cat’s favorite couple hours of the entire year. Santa’s Electric Night Parade begins at 4:30pm with the Boulder City Fire Department leading the way in the night. If you have to miss the big night in person, again, no need to worry one little jingle, Cox Communications will be filming that night, and you’ll have a cat’s eye view from your living room recliner! If you’d like to have an entry in the Night Parade, contact the Chamber office for your application. It is open to individuals, families, organizations, and businesses. Anyone that loves to decorate floats, we're looking for you. Boulder City is home to the only Electric Night Parade in Nevada, so this is your opportunity to come and watch or come and ride in a very prestigious least that's what Jingle Cat says!

Jingle Cat has been thinking about how unique our little town is and what big hearts our children have. She is hoping that every child in Boulder City that attends the Electric Night Parade will be willing to bring one can of food to donate to her food drive in support of Boulder City Emergency Aid. Jingle knows the hearts of the kids in BC, and she can’t wait to see the pile of cans that will amass at the main stage in front of ACE Hardware. So if you can, bring a can! Jingle will give you a big kiss for each can, and we know those in need of food assistance will be so grateful to the children of Boulder City. If you can’t make it to the front of ACE Hardware that night, simply drop your can off at the Chamber office any day during the next week, and those lovely volunteers will be sure to let Jingle know you stopped by the office.

Jingle Cat is also challenging the adults in Boulder City. If you are a business, consider staying open a little later on December 1st and 2nd during the events. If you are a resident, consider getting a few gifts on your list right here in Boulder City one of those evenings. What a great way to extend the cheer of the holiday season than to be a good neighbor or business owner and put Boulder City gifts under your tree. Now that is a way to be a part of the health of our local economy in elf-style.

Have you ever had a chance to view the Parade of Lights on Lake Mead? It is a simple “must-do” on your holiday season bucket list...and not a COAL bucket list? The lights begin gleaming on the water at 6pm on December 2nd, and the best place to watch is from Boulder Beach. Thank you, Lake Mead Boat Owners Association and the National Park Service for keeping this tradition alive for 41 years now.

It would be shameful not to mention the beloved Luminaria that will take place on November 30th at 6pm in the Recreation Department Gym. Here you will find the best way to shimmer into the spirit of the season. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without this glorious event in our hometown starting us off right.

Also, watch for Santa Train to come chugging down the tracks through Boulder City. Wowzers, no wonder Santa and the Mrs. take such a long vacation in the summer...they are going every minute of December!

I love Boulder City! I have 48 years of zany stories and Christmas memories shaped by the locals of yesterday and today. I can’t imagine this time of year anywhere else, and I know there are more of you out there that feel the same way. Boulder City is special. Our neighbors play a fantastic role in our own crazy Nutcracker production of sorts. Sugar Plum Fairies dance in our dreams nightly and days are filled with the ideal charm that Mother Ginger represents as part of a community that has a passion for its way of life.

If you are reading this from another community in Southern Nevada, welcome to a hometown Christmas! Please, let Boulder City show you what this season means by wrapping our arms around you this time of year with excellent customer service, sweet shops, yummy food and the feeling of belonging. Bring your sleigh on into Boulder City ~ Come and Play! You’re always welcome here.

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