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69th Annual Damboree
Volunteers: The Foundation of Community
by Patty Sullivan

The Damboree Committee is proud to announce Volunteers, the Foundation of Community as the 2017 Damboree theme. This theme was chosen to honor the many volunteers who give their time and talent to enhance our lives. The Damboree Committee would like to give special acknowledgment to Damboree Committee member Christy Springgat-Hill who passed away this past year. She was awarded the City of Boulder City 2016 Bill Andrews Award for her efforts in volunteering her time to many organizations throughout the community. Christy gave of herself until the end. May she rest in peace.

The Boulder City Chamber of Commerce gives four volunteer awards each year. Each of these awards is named after an individual who has given of their time and talent. In 2016, the Chamber of Commerce volunteer award winners were Nancy Carlyle with the Alice Isenberg Award, Ruben Valdez with the Eva McGarvery Award, Yolanda Grouell with the Goldie Begley Energizer Award and Dave Buck with the Bob Sears Lifetime Achievement Award. To these amazing volunteers, the Damboree Committee thanks you for your efforts.

As you enjoy the Fourth of July and the many other programs offered in Boulder City, the Damboree Committee asks that you thank the people that add value to your life through their volunteer efforts. Take a few moments to consider how many volunteers keep this town in motion. This includes your child’s baseball coach or scout leader, the parent supporting your child’s classroom, the folks that deliver Meals on Wheels or work at the Boulder City Emergency Aid Food Pantry, or volunteers that support the police department. The list goes on and on.

The Damboree Committee would like to thank three churches that have volunteered to support the Fourth of July activities. The Christian Center will be taking over the historical games in Broadbent Park, Boulder City Assembly of God will be managing much of the aspects of daytime operations at Veterans Memorial Park including park entrances and garbage pickup. Plus, they will be assisting in producing historical vintage decorations. Hope Baptist Church has also contacted the Damboree committee to offer assistance.

It is great to see so many groups and individuals coming forward to keep the Damboree Celebration moving forward in family friendly positive direction. To show your support of these efforts to keep Boulder City’s historic small town charm and to honor the many volunteers in your life, the Damboree Committee asks that you place some patriotic and historical décor on your property be it business or residential. As this grassroots movement takes hold, Boulder City will become a colorful pallet of history and patriotism. We would like to see this tradition continue on year after year for many generations to enjoy.

The building of Hoover Dam took place during the Depression Era. During this time, it was typical in Boulder City for old or discarded objects to be given new life. I know for sure that these types of events occurred because in 31er Erma Godbey’s journal, she tells about a map to a whiskey still that was on the underneath side of her kitchen counters. You see, the wood for her counter was repurposed from the first Boulder City Police Department.

For many years, the government considered Boulder City a construction camp and did not expect it to survive past the building of the dam. The families that came in the 1930’s had a different vision for Boulder City. It is this steadfast commitment that transformed Boulder City into the family town that provides us with the quality of life we have today. When enjoying the Damboree Celebration, we want locals and visitors to reflect on a simpler time when folks did not have much to work with and still persevered. As you create your decorations, use your imagination to repurpose discarded items like our pioneer families did.

Join us this Fourth of July as we celebrate Independence Day for this great nation and the birth of our cherished Damboree as we honor the many volunteers in our community.

Please contact me at 702-293-9340 or email me at if you are available to volunteer time to assist the Damboree Committee with these efforts.

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