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BC's Restoration Workshop
Historical Preservation of BC Homes

By Christina Frausto

BC’s Restoration Workshop

Historical Preservation of BC Homes

by Christina Frausto

Historic districts create prosperous, sustainable and healthy communities. The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation states historic designated neighborhoods values often increase (both commercial and residential) due to their historic status. Research shows that visitors to historic and cultural sites stay longer and spend more money than other kinds of tourism. This, in turn, contributes to lodging, restaurants, and other businesses gaining financially, resulting in a healthier community.

Boulder City has a unique history that cannot be duplicated anywhere in the country. Those who built Hoover Dam took great pride in achieving this monumental feat. Today, seventy-seven years later, this pride is expressed in the community’s commitment to historical preservation.

To support the City Master Plan to preserve Boulder City’s small town character and promote maintaining our historic charm, the Boulder City Historic Preservation Committee is offering a Restoration Workshop on Saturday, September 14th at the Elaine Smith Center at 700 Wyoming Street. The event will run from 9:00am to 4:00pm, with check-in beginning at 9:00am and workshops commencing at 10:00am with a break for lunch. Each hour, there will be two speakers to choose from. The presenters will be speaking for up to 45 minutes, allowing time for questions and answers. Attendance is completely free and all are welcome to attend this workshop regardless of whether you own a historic home or business.

Denver Street in its early years

This important restoration workshop is a forum in which interested homeowners will learn about keeping their homes true to their period and to embrace the historic heritage of Boulder City. The goal is to establish a framework for identifying and understanding the significant characteristics and challenges of historic home ownership. Additionally, they hope to promote and educate the community in historic resources, as well as, encourage an appreciation in the importance of preservation and cultural heritage.

The restoration workshop offers speakers an open forum to address restoration concerns and ideas. Among some of the guest speakers will be:

Cheryl Waites, a horticulturist identifying drought tolerant and period correct vegetation

Pit Bull Pest Control discussing recent invasive pests in local homes

Historic home owners Victor and Gloria Aceves, sharing their recent renovation challenges and discoveries

Certified Master Inspector, Glenn Curtis, sharing common issues homeowners face

Eagle Iron, a company that offers lighting and hardware fabrication for historic items that may be missing from the home

Richard Sevigny, Rehabilitation Specialist from Clark County, will be speaking about fungal and asbestos issues

The lunchtime speaker will be City of Las Vegas Historic Preservation Officer Courtney Mooney.

Throughout the event, there will be informational tables offering items of historic interest such as books from the Boulder City Museum, listings of local historic homes available for purchase, and historic plaques for homes in the district will be available for purchase. Back in Thyme Antiques owner, Glena Dunn, is providing free historical appraisals of up to two items per attendee. Information will also be available for resources in obtaining architectural remnants from local homes.

The format of the workshop is designed to provide time for an exchange of ideas, resources and community building with the common goal of preserving Boulder City’s small town charm and historical ties to Hoover Dam. The Historic Preservation Committee encourages all residents to take an active role in this process. Your participation in historic preservation will have a profound and far reaching impact on our community for generations to come.

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