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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Energy Zone

In this article I would like to write about our Energy Zone. I am often asked about the benefits the City receives from the solar leases in the Eldorado Valley. The Energy Zone plays a vital role in our community. The financial stability and revenue it brings are irreplaceable and contribute greatly to our ability to meet the goals of debt repayment and financial stabilization outlined in the City's Financial Plan.

Just a few years ago, the Energy Zone was simply a piece of desert with no financial benefit to the City. We saw potential there because of its location and emergence of green energy and we were determined to capitalize on this untapped resource. It is now becoming one of our major revenue sources and will bless our community for many years. Solar lease revenue will also be utilized to help fund the capital needs to our utility infrastructure.

Development of the Energy Zone continues to bring construction jobs, ongoing revenue and important prominence to our small community as one of the nation's leaders in clean energy development and production. Our Eldorado Valley has received attention from the President, Senators, Congress members, Governor, and many State delegates. We have been able to diversify the City's revenue streams, a task that has been difficult for most other cities. I am grateful to those that recognized the value of the Eldorado Valley and negotiated that transfer to Boulder City. Many years later, we are now realizing and enjoying the potential that earlier leaders envisioned.

We can be proud of our Eldorado Valley.  We have been a responsible land owner. Solar development has added to our community pride. The Eldorado Valley continues to provide thousands of acres to habitat protection, clean energy production and open recreational areas. 

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