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Damboree Celebration
A Safe and Celebratory Damboree

by Roger Hall
Damboree Committee Chairman

When most local families were still packing away their December holiday decorations, the Boulder City Damboree Committee was already making preparations for the annual Fourth of July festivities. Great effort goes into creating the traditional elements like the parade and fireworks, but top priority is always the public safety of those who attend our town’s most popular summer event.  Thanks to a strong volunteer force working in conjunction with local law enforcement, an atmosphere of family-friendly fun and patriotic celebration has prevailed over the past 63 years.

To ensure that we maintain a fun and safe 64th Annual Damboree, this year will mark a change to the parade. The unique tradition of interactive water play between parade spectators and participants will now take place in a specially designated Water Zone on the parade route. This water-only stretch runs from Aztec Place to Avenue B past the swimming pool on Sixth Street. Spectators who want to engage in water play must be located in this portion of the parade route and stay behind crowd control barriers that will be installed on both sides of the street. Absolutely no water play will be allowed at any other location on the route, and spectators will not be allowed past the barriers at any time.  Both the Boulder City Police Department and the Damboree Committee will strictly enforce this rule in order to ensure public safety.

The good news is that those who like to get soaked or soak the floats will have an even wetter time in the concentrated blocks that are designated for Water Play. Those who prefer to stay dry can position themselves anywhere on Nevada Highway without fear of getting doused.  So remember. Lawnchair. Check. Assorted water blasters. Check. Position behind the barriers in the Water Zone between Aztec Place and Sixth Street. Check.

Also, in an effort to keep children from entering the street, parade participants are no longer allowed to throw anything from their vehicles. Instead, parade participants will have volunteers walking alongside the floats or vehicles to pass out trinkets or candy.  Again, this rule will be strictly enforced this year and violators will be asked to leave the parade to ensure there are no children running into the street to pick up left treasures. Some of the rules may have changed, but the 64th Annual Damboree schedule of events will remain virtually the same as last year.  The parade will start at 9:00 am on Colorado Street, head down Nevada Way, turn on Fifth Street and proceed to Aztec Place. At that point parade participants who want to engage in water play will continue onto Fifth Street past the swimming pool to Sixth Street.   There will be a flyover on the parade route by the Boulder City Veteran’s Flying Group at 9:00 am sharp.  Festivities at Broadbent Park are scheduled to begin at 10:00 am and finish at 4:00 pm. 

There will be plenty of non-profit groups selling food, drinks and other treats in the park.  Damboree ceremonies, entertainment, fun and the Food Fun Competitions (sponsored by Albertsons and True Dollar), will take place throughout the day.

There will be just enough time to go home and clean up before the evening’s festivities begin at Veteran’s Memorial Park. For those who will be driving, a reminder that the $10 entry fee is charged per vehicle upon entry – if you leave, you’ll have to pay again. Also, no parking spaces may be reserved. Law enforcement will be upholding these policies.

Starting at 6:00 pm, attendees will enjoy entertainment, competitive games, great music, food and beverages. This year’s pie-eating contest, featuring Southwest Diner’s yummy creations, will be open to ages 13 and up for a chance to win prizes that include a Lake Las Vegas weekend getaway. Then, topping off the night, the Damboree’s spectacular fireworks show will light up the sky at 9:00 pm.

As always, the Boulder Damboree Committee and the Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department hope all participants and spectators have a fun, safe Fourth of July and enjoy the festivities in Boulder City.

A limited supply of tee shirts are available at Ace Shopper Stopper for $15.

For more information about the Damboree events, please visit or call 293-9256.

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