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Cover Story
by Georgia McClain

Boulder City BMX
I could write a book about the years and years of exciting adventures of BMX! But what follows is the grass roots story of Boulder City BMX.

Myself, my husband Rusty, and an awesome group of hard-working volunteers have donated hundreds and hundreds of hours to create and maintain the Boulder City BMX. Boulder City BMX racing is primarily a youth activity, but actually includes a whole range of ages. It is a very family oriented, non-profit volunteer program that strives to help its members reach goals in safety, sportsmanship, responsibility and ideas of character building.

By way of history, in 1994-1995 a handful of parents were inspired by a group of kids rallying to get a BMX racing track in Boulder City. Ultimately, with the support of the City of Boulder City and the Boulder City community, Boulder City BMX (Peddle Power) was created to provide a year-round community recreation facility.

Which brings me to one of the many hurdles of building this new program, getting money and dirt! Only through vigorous fund raising and donations were we able to acquire the massive quantities of dirt we needed. But not just any dirt! The dirt required for a BMX track must be a special mix of clay and silt. Boulder Sand and Gravel was able to assist us and provided the perfect mix. Many volunteers and lots of heavy equipment were needed to build the track not once but seven times, since we continually need new track designs to keep up with the excelling levels of our BMX racers. Funds we raise go back into the program to keep up with new levels of BMX racing, including dirt, equipment rental, fencing, lighting, bleachers, starting gates, timing system, etc. The ongoing challenge for improvements never ends!

Since 1996 our BMX kids have had the opportunity to compete in BMX racing weekly. 110-130 riders compete from the Las Vegas Valley area, comprising 1/3 each from Boulder City, Henderson and Las Vegas. At the state level we have 250 riders, and 35 riders at the regional level. In the last 4 years 500-600 racers from all over the world have come here to compete at our Boulder City facility. By hosting these special events, Boulder City BMX is able to help give back to the Boulder City community by bringing in revenues to our hotels and other local businesses.

At the Boulder City BMX track, we host 350 racers and spectators weekly. We host 700 racers and spectators at the state level twice a year, and at the national level we host 1,600 racers and spectators once to twice a year. Boulder City BMX is proud to have the highest national rider count on the West Coast for the last two years!

The Boulder City BMX racing track is recognized as one of the top 5 BMX racing tracks in the nation, out of 150 tracks!

One of the rewards of working with Boulder City BMX is having watched the kids develop over 11 years to the professional level of cycling now recognized worldwide. In fact, in 2008 BMX racing will be included in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Boulder City BMX also hosts scholarship races and the “BMX Is Not A Crime” race thanks to the Boulder City Police Department and Chiarelli’s.

One of the keys to this great program is volunteers, who have taken a thankless job and made it fun. Rusty and I and all the Trusty Volunteers want to give a big thanks to all that have supported the program and helped the Boulder City BMX reach the outstanding level it has attained. Learn more at

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