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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Spring Adventures!
For this month, I have some exciting new adventures to tell you about. Have you ever been on a Lake Mead Cruises’ dinner/dance cruise on the Desert Princess? Well, if you haven’t, I have a story to tell you!

I was invited to take the cruise with my family, my great-grandparents
(G-G and Pop-Pop) my aunt DeAnne and my uncles Brad and Mike.

I had a good time checking out the landing where the boat is parked. It’s big and nice. Before getting on the boat, I had a picture taken with my family. Finally, when I got on the boat, I ran right to the top and looked out over the landing and the lake. It was nighttime outside so I was looking up to see the pretty stars. When I came back downstairs, my family was getting ready to order dinner. I ordered a medium-rare prime rib steak and it was fantastic. After dinner we had dessert, and I had a chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream on top.

After dinner, I went back up to the top deck. When I got there, Captain Jack let me drive the boat! He said he has driven boats for many years, and he also drives the Desert Princess Too!

Afterwards, I went back downstairs where there was music playing and dancing. There were lots of people dancing and we had a great time. I even danced with Pop-Pop! I was dancing for so long that I was still dancing when we got back to the landing. I had so much fun that night and I can’t forget how nice the manager, Larry, was to me and my family. He said he has been in Boulder City for 15 years, and spent many of those years working for Lake Mead Cruises!

If you look at the front cover of this magazine, you’ll see my cousin, Tim, after he just jumped out of an airplane! The man who jumped with Tim took a video of them and it was so funny, you should have seen Tim’s face! What a blast he had!

Last but not least, don’t forget Mother’s Day this month. Every Mother’s Day I make my mom some coupons. One to clean the house, one to take out the trash, and more for other chores. We might even have a mother’s day party! What a great idea.

Tell me how you liked your Lake Mead Cruise at info@bouldercity

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