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Best Western / The Tap: Grand Opening!
by Grant Turner, Owner of The Tap

Two years ago, a Northbound traveler on Nevada Way would look to the left and see an uninviting hotel known as the Boulder City Inn & Suites. At one point, the bar area, the Inner Circle Lounge, hosted a sign reading “Bikini Bartender.” That building and its less than stellar history is now a thing of the past.

The Boulder Inn & Suites went into foreclosure auction where investor Bal Gosal from Reno won the final bid and took possession of the property. While the Boulder Inn & Suites was in no danger of being voted classiest spot in Boulder City; somewhere hidden deep behind the peeled paint on the walls and underneath beer soaked carpet, Gosal knew he could turn this property into a business the community of Boulder City could proudly accept. What was once an eyesore is no longer, in its place, is a newly renovated Best Western and The Tap restaurant and gastropub thanks to the vision of Gosal. The plan to convert the old, dilapidated Boulder Inn & Suites into a Best Western was ambitious; however, Gosal is not one to shy away from a challenge. Starting with just one hotel fifteen-years ago, Gosal has grown his organization into an operation containing eighteen hotels and hundreds of employees.

When asked what attracted him to Boulder City, Gosal had a one-word answer: “charm.” He elaborated to say, “That small-town feel that Boulder City embodies is getting harder and harder to find in America.” He believes that a major flag hotel like Best Western will help legitimize downtown Boulder City and offer one more quality place for visitors to stay when this quaint town fills to the brim with visitors. “Being an outsider to Boulder City, I was amazed to see this town come to life with events like Art in the Park and The Dillinger Block Party.” Gosal continued, “This town sure knows how to party!”

When it comes to remodels, the general rule is you inherit the work of the guy before you. In this case, it would appear the previous guy wasn't qualified for the job. According to Jeff Vandusseldorp, project manager for the hotel remodel, “It was like peeling the layers of an onion, it got progressively worse the deeper we went.” Paraphrasing Vandusseldorp, the electrical looked like a giant bowl of spaghetti with circuits running across all three floors from one end of the hotel to the other. The framing appeared to defy gravity with parts of the building remaining standing seemingly only out of habit. The six to eight-month projection for the entire construction project stretched into a year and a half, which coincidentally is about how long it took to eliminate the foul smell from the Inner Circle. The result, however, is well worth the wait. The Best Western features a fully remodeled lobby, indoor pool, and 99 immaculate hotel rooms. Amenities include a gym, boat parking, a designated pet area, and a laundry room.

To complement the impressive hotel operation, Gosal called on Grant and Larry Turner, the father/son team who brought The Dillinger and Forge Social House to BC. The Turners, working with their architect PunchArc, completely transformed the Inner Circle Lounge into The Tap. Eliminating the curved stucco facade and opting for a more modern, industrial aesthetic accomplished by using primarily steel and glass. The interior is a dichotomy - typically cold, with strong elements such as perforated steel, concrete block, and burnished stucco, surprisingly work in harmony to create a very comfortable, welcoming environment. A creative use of customary building materials gives The Tap a purpose-built feel. A chandelier built entirely from black iron gas pipe lights the main seating area, while homemade pendants illuminate the bar ran through a series of pulleys.

The Tap is built around providing an exceptional experience for its guests. From the construction to the décor, to the carefully crafted draft list, attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this gastropub. The same mindset is the guiding light for the menu. The team has put together a menu with an offering different than anything else you’ll find in town. Their breakfast menu boasts unique interpretations on breakfast classics like Biscuit Bombs with Country Gravy, delicious crepes and Mexican-inspired eggs Benedict. The lunch and dinner menu features a wide variety of eclectic items, classics like the New England Lobster Roll or the Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake as well as less standard fare like Fried Avocado Tacos and the Asian Fusion Surf & Turf Burrito paired with Miso Truffle Fries.

To celebrate the return of football season, enter The Tap’s weekly competition: the customer who predicts the winner of the most games each week drinks for free all Sunday long (free to join). Patrons can count current The Tap information on The Tap’s Facebook page such as a Live music schedule, UFC fights, line dancing and more. While you can always find travelers staying at The Best Western enjoying Boulder City’s newest hot spot, The Tap shows appreciation for their local crowd - offering $2 PBRs to anyone carrying an ID that reads Boulder City.

Gosal and the Turners cordially invite you to visit the Best Western and The Tap, to see for yourself, that this establishment has truly transformed into a business the community of Boulder City can be proud of.

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