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Mayor's Brief
by Rodney S. Woodbury
Boulder City Mayor

Energy Assistance Programs

Many aren’t aware of programs available to help low-income households with energy bills. So, allow me to introduce you to two state and two local ones.

The state programs are the Nevada Energy Assistance Program (EAP) and the Nevada Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). To qualify for either, the total gross monthly income of all household members cannot exceed 150 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, excluding certain deductions. EAP aims to reduce the percent of income spent on energy to the median percent paid by Nevadans as a whole. For the benefit of each eligible household, EAP pays a single lump sum directly to the utility company, which then issues a credit to the household’s account. WAP provides installation and repair services to improve energy efficiency.

In addition to the state programs, the Boulder City Energy Assistance Program (BCEAP) and the Efficient Appliance Rebate Program are also available.

BCEAP provides a 35 percent discount on residential energy and service charges. It is the most generous utility-funded energy assistance program in the state. Our utility office automatically enrolls EAP recipients and those residing in Section 202 housing for the elderly. However, families that meet residency, income, and verification requirements can also apply for BCEAP even without (or before receipt of) a state EAP grant. BCEAP income requirements are similar to those of the state EAP.

Finally, Boulder City has been providing the Efficient Appliance Rebate Program for 25 years. Subject to some limitations, all residents, regardless of income, qualify for rebates for installing any of the following energy-saving amenities: air conditioners, evaporative coolers, window screens or films, pool pumps, or solar or natural gas water heaters.

Please make others aware of these programs so that everyone who qualifies can take full advantage of them.

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