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The 'ings To Do
by Monica Preston
Vice President, BC Chamber of Commerce


As we continue through our journey of the “ings” to do in Boulder City, it is timely that rafting is our spotlight during the summer! We are lucky to be near a marvelous waterway, also known as the Colorado River, which not only boasts some amazing scenery, but also has some of the best and most popular river rafting adventures. Boulder City is just under ten miles from the Black Canyon, an excellent location to raft, hike and kayak just below Hoover Dam.

Black Canyon was formed over a million years ago by volcanic activity and is part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. As a designated National Water Trail (maps available at the BC Chamber), visitors can take a guided tour along the thirty-mile trail where they can stop at designated beaches, caves, coves and active hot springs. Along the tour, be on the lookout for big horn sheep, eagles, coyotes and other native wildlife. There is also a vast amount of history that is associated with the construction of the Hoover Dam such as the sauna cave, catwalks, trails and building foundations. Because launching and accessing Hoover Dam is an exclusive experience, a limited number of vendors in Southern Nevada have been afforded the opportunity to provide guests with this experience.

To tour the Black Canyon, check out Black Canyon River Adventures. They have a great Black Canyon tour that is not only affordable but also rated five stars on Trip Advisor. Through a motor assisted raft, visitors can travel this pristine water trail and get close to the spectacular views from the Hoover Dam. The Black Canyon tour is approximately five hours and includes a box lunch. If you’re looking for a shorter raft run, check out the Hoover Dam Postcard tour which combines some history of the dam with a short thirty-minute raft tour.

Stay tuned for next month’s summer series spotlight with kayak”ing” where we will explore all of the fabulous places to continue our water adventures! So get out there and do your “ing”!

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