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Recreation Zone
by Patty Sullivan
Recreation Program Coordinator
Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department

Back in Action

The BMX equipment at Veterans Memorial Park was built in 2001 and originally installed at ABC Park on basketball courts as a temporary means to gauge community use of the equipment to see if something more permanent should be put in place. It was so popular that concrete slabs were installed at Veterans Memorial Park and the equipment was moved to this location.

The City knew well enough that this equipment would not last indefinitely with the volume of use that was taking place. Earlier this year, it was determined that the equipment should be replaced. Initially, the plan was to install a more formidable steel material that would have a longer lifespan. Of course, this material would cost substantially more than the original BMX equipment made from wood and specialized surface. During this process, Jack Johnson, who was one of the youth involved in the original choice of equipment, identified that the surface on the existing equipment has some redeeming qualities that a steel surface would not have. This concern was also voiced by some of the youth currently using the equipment. After hearing these concerns, the City's plan to update the BMX equipment was revised to align with the wishes of those who use it. This is one of those instances that the community's voice was received in a manner and time frame that it could be acted upon. Kudos to Jack Johnson and our youth as their voice was heard and our community is the better for it. As you can see, our youngsters are enjoying the recent upgrade.

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