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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Interstate 11

Throughout the recent busy weekends, one common complaint was the excessive traffic encountered entering and exiting Boulder City. It is evident that Boulder City needs a bypass (Interstate 11) to prevent this kind of congestion. This bypass will allow regional traffic to circumvent the area, while providing more convenient access to our community for our residents and visitors. I am happy to report that the RTC and NDOT are working hard to deliver this important transportation project. Both agencies anticipate breaking ground on their respective project segments in Spring 2015 and expect to open Interstate 11 to vehicular traffic in 2018.

As a local businessman myself, I understand the concern of reduced traffic through Boulder City. We are working closely with the Chamber of Commerce and NDOT to get proper signage on the approaches to Boulder City. Part of this effort includes adding a local name to the existing US93 to promote Boulder City to motorists on several signs approaching the City. RTC has guaranteed to continue to work with the City throughout this project. There will also be a local office in Boulder City during construction, a Public Information Officer, workers will be encouraged to patronize local businesses, and a web page will be created featuring project updates and news bulletins.

Finally, I want to talk about the naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) found in Boulder City's soil. As it turns out, NOA is quite common. RTC sent geotechnical experts into the field to collect soil samples and, after examining 611 samples, the laboratory results show the average concentration of NOA is well below the OSHA threshold. However, in order to alleviate all fears, RTC has agreed to integrate the strict California Air Resources Board regulations into this project. After reviewing all of the documentation and considering the strict mitigation efforts required for the project, I am certain my family has nothing to worry about during construction of this project.

For more information, and Of course, I am always happy to discuss this project or any other City concerns you may have.

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