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The Arts
by Christina Frausto
Supporter of the Arts

There's a New Kid in Town

It is hard to miss the new Epic Artware Recreations and Décor Shop in town. Just look for the big, red, beautiful, classic Cadillac! Located at 501 Nevada Way, right next to the Hot Dam Boutique, the shop typically has their stylish vehicle parked right out front. This icon of days past is an indicator of what terrific and timeless treasures lie beyond.

The collection of mid-century artifacts is astounding. Eric Leins, Debbie Planells and Tommy Calabrese have collaborated on making unique, one-of-a-kind objects from those artifacts that include functional pieces, fine art and furniture. Also included in the mid-century collection is jewelry and vintage clothing.

Upcycling items from days gone by into functional pieces such as lamps and tables, plus creating artwork from old treasures makes a shopping trip to Epic full of fun. Viewing an old typewriter, that now serves as a lamp, or spotting an old suitcase now functioning as a table, brings a smile to the face. Items that have lost their original glow or function have found a new life due to the clever re-making designs of Epic owners.

Leins is a born and raised Las Vegan who has always had a soft spot for Boulder City. An avid collector and artist, he felt Boulder City would be the perfect spot for his creative energies to be shared and decided to open his shop here. Planells has been collecting for decades and has a warehouse full of objects just waiting for a new life. And along with Calabrese's creativity, they have fashioned one of the most unique shops to ever land in Boulder City.

With the sound of vintage, classic records playing on a REAL turntable, surrounded by rotary dial telephones, Transformer toys, old cameras and radios, the mind is taken back to simpler days. Walking around the store is just a reminder of what we have lost and may have even forgotten was gone from our lives. But, now it can be recouped with a new function. With the enthusiasm of Leins and the ambiance of bringing up happy memories, the shop is a joy to experience.

Remember, and to quote Leins, "what was old is now new!"

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