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Bridging the Past to the Present

31ers Educational Outreach
Standards and Objectives

by Roger Shoaff

The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum recognizes the importance of its extensive archives as an educational tool. It engages in an ongoing effort to interpret its collections, construct meaningful educational programs, and offer these programs to a diverse range of learners.  The 31ers Activity Room encourages students to interact with the past on an intimate level, thus reinforcing their learning and broadening their understanding.

The 31ers Educational Outreach Program Activity Room offers fun and educational activities, which provide hands-on experiences designed to complement the learning that occurs in the museum’s permanent exhibit.  The activity room is supervised by knowledgeable staff and volunteers. Pre-visit educational packets are available. This room is open to school, community, and private groups by appointment.

The Museum also reinforces and perpetuates the lessons taught in the 31ers Educational Outreach Program through its ongoing cultural activities in Boulder City: Damboree float and activity booth; annual 31ers Luncheon (which brings together young and old to honor Boulder City’s history); various traveling exhibits and presentations; and calendar of historic scavenger hunts.

The following State of Nevada educational standards are addressed through the educational outreach program:

Grades K-2:  Language Arts & Social Studies

“People, Cultures, and Civilizations”

Listen to stories of family members, local residents, and prominent figures to accentuate the human experience.

Engage in activities that connect life in early Boulder City with life today.

Recognize similarities and differences of earlier generations in areas such as work, dress, manners, stories and games.

Grades 3-5: Science and Social Studies

“Social Responsibility and Change”

Explain how technology impacts lives.

Compare and/or contrast daily life with children in Nevada’s past.

Describe ways people depend on and manage natural resources within their communities.

Describe how technologies altered the physical environment in Nevada, and the effects of those changes on its people.

Grade 7: History

“The Great Depression”

Examine the impact the Great Depression had on society and its effect on U.S. politics.

Connect the Boulder Canyon Project with the broader economic conditions of the times.

Evaluate the role of technology and innovation in the human modification of the physical environment and economic landscape.

Grade 11: History

“Environment and Society”

Demonstrate an understanding of the interplay among economics, environment, technology, and culture as it unfolded during the Boulder Canyon Project era.

Opportunities abound for volunteers wishing to become a part of these efforts: scanning and digitizing two-dimensional artifacts, reviewing the museum’s manuscript collection to uncover possible educational content, preparing educational material for lessons, planning and implementing curriculum, working directly with students as they discover their past in new and exciting ways, and assisting with any of the museum’s cultural activities.

The Museum invites you to attend the 31ers Luncheon Celebration on October 13 at the Boulder Dam Hotel.  The new 31ers Educational Outreach Activity Room will be open for guests to acquaint themselves with this addition to the Museum’s educational efforts. Tickets are available by calling the Museum at 294-1988 Monday through Friday from 1:00 to 5:00pm.

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