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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections

Ant or Termite?

Ants and termites can look very similar and ants are often mistaken for termites. Both termites and the majority of ants nest outside the home and in close proximity to the structure.

They travel into the home to gather food for the colony. Ants are typically seen outside adjacent to, or traveling on the structure, and foraging for food around the kitchen. Termites are seldom seen, as they travel through tubes to protect them from the air and predators. Their food stores are the wood products which are generally out of site from the living space.

To the average homeowner ants and termites may look alike however, there are some distinct differences. An ant’s antennae will look elbowed on the ends, folding or bowing inwards. The termite will have antennae that look like they are made up of strung- together beads and they will not be bent. Also, the shape of the termite’s body is different than that of the ant. A termite has a thicker body, looking like it is composed of only two sections. The ant looks like he is made up of three separate sections and his neck and waist are thinner. Winged termites have two pair of wings of the same size and winged ants have two pair of wings that are of different size.

This should give you a general idea about where to look for these insects and how to tell the two apart. Preventing these pests from accessing your home is still easier than eliminating them once they have infested the interior of it. You should eliminate any excess moisture, plants and debris at the exterior of the home adjacent to the structure. Insure that there is no wood to earth contact, which provides pathways into the home. Also, an important part of prevention is regular service from a licensed pest control specialist to maintain a protective chemical barrier around the exterior of your home. As always, prevention is key.

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