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Museum Kicks Off "5 Alive" Campaign

This month the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association (“BCMHA”) will launch its “Give Five to Keep the Museum Alive” campaign.

Dedicated to preserving the history of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Boulder City, the Museum maintains and makes available an extensive collection of photographs, manuscripts, artifacts, and other archived materials designed to bridge the past with the present. The Museum serves as an important reminder not only of these modern marvels but also of the dedicated pioneers who built them, their values, struggles, triumphs, vision, work ethic, determination, and enduring legacy. Through exhibits, research facilities, educational outreach programs, Third Thursday presentations, and co-sponsorship of a wide variety of civic and cultural events (including the annual 31ers Reunion, Chautauqua, and Dam Short Film Festival), the Museum strives to share these stories in meaningful ways.

The Museum is located inside historic Boulder Dam Hotel, the iconic landmark and cultural hub of old town Boulder City. In 2005, BCMHA acquired the Hotel, fulfilling lifelong dreams of early visionaries like Elton Garrett and Earl Brothers to find a permanent home for the museum’s historic treasures. The Museum’s collections are part of the Save America’s Treasures program, and the Hotel is fittingly listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Having served on the Museum’s Board for several years, I can attest that endeavors of this magnitude cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to sustain, but they are worthwhile to us, our families, our communities and nation.

The Museum’s campaign therefore has a twofold purpose: to re-educate citizens about the importance of preserving our heritage and to give each of us an opportunity to share in the preservation process by pledging our moral and financial support. The “Five Alive” campaign asks individuals to donate at least $5, small businesses at least $500, larger businesses at least $5,000. Donations are tax-deductible since BCMHA is a non-profit 501(c)(3).

So when you see the banners, flyers, t-shirts, donation jars, and ads in the coming weeks, please search your heart and “Give Five to Keep the Museum Alive.”

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