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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Sergeant
Boulder City Police Department

Back to School

School started last week. That being said, I want to spend a few minutes discussing a few local laws and ordinances that are once again active. Schools zones, changes in curfew times and truancy are just a few laws that are triggered once children return to school.

First, school zones are in effect on streets near schools. Watch for signs and flashing lights. Regardless of whether you are traveling in Boulder City or anywhere else, school and crossing zone violations often pack a bigger punch, should you be found in violation.

Many are active throughout the entire day, while some are active only at specific times. It is imperative you stay alert to these signs – not knowing the times or missing the signs entirely are not valid excuses. Remember, our kids' safety is on the line. No cellular telephone conversation or radio station dialog trumps their safety. Be careful and be alert at all times.

The local curfew ordinance has specific hours for school days. While Friday and Saturday are the same as during the summer time, the school days, yes, this includes Sunday evenings, have a 10 p.m. hour of curfew. If the student has the next day off, as is the case the Sunday before Labor Day, the hours of curfew fall into the same category as a Friday or Saturday.

A couple of important tidbits about curfew; it is unlawful for a parent to knowingly allow their child to be out past curfew and it is also unlawful to drive a vehicle while out past curfew.

Lastly, it is unlawful for your child to skip school. Truancy is a growing problem throughout Clark County and undeniably, we are not immune to this problem in Boulder City. It is imperative that you do what you can to get your child to school and hold them accountable for their actions, should they decide to skip. There is a clear correlation between juveniles skipping school and those committing crimes.

We understand the conundrum parents find themselves in with a defiant child. If we can assist, give us a call.

Until next month, stay safe and embrace levity.

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