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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Small Town Community
As we are nearing the fall months I hope everyone’s summer has been safe and wonderful. Many are preparing their children for back to school. We live in a community that seems to stand still next to the growing communities that lie next door. Like many of you, I love the quality of life that our small town offers. It is my goal to continue to protect the lifestyle that we all enjoy.

Though we live in a small town, we are part of a larger, evolving community. It is important for our community to play a proactive role in Clark County. We need community leaders to participate on community and regional boards. We need to continue to build working relationships with our neighbors while protecting our unique, small town approach.

There are major concerns that will continue to demand our attention and time. A major concern on the horizon is the opening of the Hoover Dam Bypass. Safety improvements along Highway 93 are essential and must be in place before the opening of the bridge. The third water intake will be a difficult financial burden that our annual budget cannot bear over time. We will see development in the county land located in Eldorado Valley. These concerns are not your typical small town challenges. Fortunately, Boulder City will receive help and direction from our elected officials in county, state, and federal government.

I believe our community needs to look at ways to improve our public safety. We have dedicated fire/paramedics and police officers working for our city. Although new officers have been added, we still need to hire more public safety officers to have the coverage needed to adequately protect our residents. Because of the budget constraints, this may mean reprioritizing funds. Future safety demands will increase with the Hoover Dam Bypass.

We certainly have challenges. However, we also have a very bright future for our town. We live in a beautiful oasis here in Southern Nevada. We enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with diverse recreational options. We have the benefits of being close to a large city while living in a beautiful small town. I feel very fortunate that I am raising my family, operating a business, and am able to serve as Mayor in this community.

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