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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Back to School

My mom is so exited for me to go back to school. I did all of my shopping for school supplies, just not the clothes part. It’s been raining up here lately so we haven’t been able to do it yet.

Well anyway, it will be nice to go back to school. I get to see all of my friends and meet my new teachers. To me, 7th grade is the hardest grade. I am almost out of middle school, I have only 1 more year, 8th grade, then I will be out! High school is also not going to be easy either but I will learn and figure it out! I also have one more year until I get to drive! In South Dakota, at 14 you are allowed to get your learner’s permit and you take a written test. At 15 you have to take a driving test, and at 16 you go solo and get your license!

But before school starts there is something the town of Yankton celebrates. It’s called River Boat Days! I might have told you about it before. I am so exited about River Boat Days though, since I’ve never been to it before!

My mom is also doing really well with her bridal shop. She still hasn’t been able to open it yet though. We are still working on the interior of the shop, but we will be open soon. During River Boat Days, I get to be in a parade for my mom’s bridal shop. We will also be advertising in the parade for my grandparent’s tuxedo shop. Since I have been in the Boulder City 4th of July parades many times before with Appleby Arts, I know just what to do.

What grade are you going to be in this year? Do you have any fun memories from school? Are you going to do anything before school starts? If you do, tell me at info@bouldercity or you can visit my very own web site located at

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