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Your Health
by Pati Kearns
Yoga Spirit at Dance, Etc.

There is so much information regarding health available to us, and there are so many ways to take care of our bodies and minds that sometimes in our effort to stay well, we create a huge imbalance. Too much effort is, simply, too much effort.

If we take exercise to extremes, we may actually place unhealthy demands on the body. If we take nutrition to extremes, we may be so informed that we become neurotic about every bite we eat. We don’t want to become the food police and lose the enjoyment of gathering with friends and family for a meal or a celebration. If we take our religious views to extremes we may become fanatical, thinking for sure that we are right and everyone else is going to hell. We can create a lot of anger, division, and yes, a sense of superiority if we lose perspective. And yet, if there is too little effort, such as no attention to nutrition, no exercise and no spiritual connection, we will surely pay the price in terms of poor health and little peace of mind.

The goal is creating balance. Balance is the middle way – finding the place between too much effort and not enough. It is looking mutli-directionally and then discerning what is the path that does the most good and causes the least amount of harm. Within balance there is a sense of being at ease.

Watch out if your perfect diet, your manic work schedule, or your rigid views separate you from everyone else. Consider it a warning sign that you are exiting balance if you are always learning, always striving, always improving, and finding that you are really not enjoying your life.

It is true that we need to work on ourselves and that there are many ways to accomplish this. We need to educate ourselves and be willing to make beneficial changes. And along with all of this it is important for us to recognize that we are human beings who, in order to be balanced, need to rest, to play, and to just chill out sometimes.

Pati Kearns teaches Yoga at Dance Etc. Call 279-9523 for class information.

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