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Library Corner
by Duncan R. McCoy, Director
Boulder City Library

Library Offerings

So… you haven’t been to the Library lately and maybe you’re searching for a reason to go. On the off-chance that you can’t think of a reason, here are a just few:

1. You’re planning a trip: the Library has maps, travel guides to exotic places around the world, travel magazines, and travel videos to help you plan your trip.
2. You need investment advice: The Library has Value Line, Standard & Poors’ Stock Guide, Wall Street Journal, and a ton of other stuff to help you track your stocks, and make good picks for next time you want to invest.
3. You’ve got the grampa/grandma duty and need to entertain the grandkids: The Library has over 30,000 kids books, videos, and magazines to entertain and edify. The whole world is just a couple of steps away.
4. Your computer blew up and you need to check e-mail, book a plane reservation, check Ebay for motorcycle parts, or do a resume: the Library has high-speed internet, word processors and spreadsheets on computers that you can sign up and use.
5. You ran your budget numbers and discover that you’ve been spending $723 a year on magazine subscriptions: The Library has over 250 magazine and newspaper subscriptions and will check out back-issues of most of them. Why pay $325 a year for Wall Street Journal when you can read it at the Library every day for free?
6. Your club or community group is looking for a place to meet: The Library hosted 536 community group meetings last year and didn’t charge any of them a dime.

Right, but what about books? The Library also has a lot of books – around 94,000 of them. The Library also has a magical staff and if you can’t find the book you’re looking for, the chances are, we can find it and get you a copy from one of the other libraries in the area or from libraries around the country.

10,400 local folks or 71% of all Boulder City residents have library cards. That’s by far the highest percentage in the state! Because you have one, you are among the fortunate. Don’t worry too much, if you don’t have one, though. Library cards are really easy and quick to get. If you don’t have one, come on down and get yours’ today!

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