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Day Trip'n
by Ginny Gottfredson, Sales Manager
Lake Mead Cruises

Inside or Out?

With cooler temperatures, and the Holidays fast approaching, friends and relatives find Southern Nevada a fantastic place to visit and the great How Do I Entertain Them Challenge begins!

Share glitzy visions of Old Las Vegas with a trek to the Liberace Museum, away from the strip at the corner of Tropicana and Spencer, 798-5595. The flamboyant entertainer left a glittery legacy that needs two buildings to exhibit all the costumes, jewelry, pianos and cars he collected throughout his career! Be sure to go Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday when Wes Winters presents A Musical Tribute to Liberace. Eons ago I saw Liberace perform; recently I saw Wes’ show – a fabulous tribute, and ladies, Wes is ever so much better looking! The museum is $12.50 for adults, $8.50 for seniors, and the show is $17.50.

Prefer to share a fresh air experience? Dig out your comfy walking shoes, pack your binoculars and head for 2400B Moser Drive near Sunset Road and Boulder Highway. Won’t cost you a thing to enjoy the great outdoors and view our fine feathered friends at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. Open daily from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., it is easy walking on paved and level dirt paths around nine ponds. Permanent home to familiar desert birds like roadrunners and quail, the Preserve is also a seasonal rest stop for various migrating geese and ducks. Even if you don’t know a flycatcher from a bufflehead or northern shoveler duck, the sheer joy of crisp air will surely energize you and yours.

Support our troops, wear red on Fridays!

NEAT NEVADA NOTES: Our Nevada Desert is home to the pygmy rabbit! They rely on sagebrush both to eat and provide a home. Pygmy rabbits dig burrows near dense sagebrush, but sometimes inhabit abandoned burrows dug by other critters. This mini-bunny is about 12 inches in length, only weighing a pound or so when full grown. Tiniest of the family Leporidae in North America, pygmy rabbits are found in the western U.S.

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