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by Scott Sauer
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Pet Dander
We have been talking about the top five asthma triggers as ranked by the EPA. Again, these are cigarette smoke, pet dander, dust mites, cockroach and mold. This month we will discuss pet dander.

According to the EPA, proteins in the dander, urine or saliva of warm-blooded animals have been reported to sensitize individuals and cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma episodes in those sensitive to animal allergens.

The most effective method to control exposure to animal allergens is to keep your home pet free. However, if you already have a pet and will not consider ridding the home of the pet, then isolation measures may be your best bet. These measures include keeping pets out of the sleeping areas, away from upholstered furniture, carpets and stuffed toys or keeping the pet outdoors and away from sensitive individuals as much as possible. Although isolation methods are recommended, there is some question to its effectiveness.

Pet allergen levels are reported to stay in the home for several months after the pet is removed or isolated, even with cleaning. Several reports indicate that animal allergens are carried in the air by residents of the home on their clothing to all parts of the home. In fact, animal allergen is often detected in locations where no animals were housed.

Often, people sensitive to animal allergens are advised to wash their pets regularly. Recent research indicates that washing pets may only provide temporary reductions in allergen levels and washing will need to continue on at least a weekly basis. Other ways to help minimize pet dander is regular dusting and vacuuming using a HEPA vacuum and HEPA filtration units.

The pet business has been at over thirty billion for each of the past three years. With a number like that, it’s not likely that you will hear any negative information coming from the industry about indoor pets. And let’s face it, we all love our pets! However, the facts are clear. So if someone in your home is asthmatic, then keeping a pet free home is very important to their health and your indoor air quality.

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