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BCPD Informer
by John Chase, Deputy Chief
Boulder City Police Department

Do Cops Really Like Doughnuts?

I’ve been writing this column for two years and each month I mull over and ultimately avoid the age-old question thousands of readers ponder, but are afraid to ask. Do officers of the law really like doughnuts?

While this seems like an easy question, I must be careful how I answer it; I must be able to discreetly meld with law enforcement circles throughout this great state in order to obtain maximum efficiency in Boulder City. At the risk of letting the cat out of the bag and perhaps being ostracized by fellow peace officers, here it goes.

To the average human that combs the streets of America, enjoying a doughnut in public is something that is done without any thought. For us, men and women in blue, paid to fight crime and uphold the law, we must constantly scan our surroundings before indulging in a tasty power ring. Paparazzi loom the streets looking for hot law enforcement action which they can pictorially capture and take to the media. While a police officer with a fist full of doughnuts may not seem like much, a photo of this magnitude can have a sprinkled effect to an aspiring police officer’s career during a rigorous promotional board. Any officer that is able to glaze through a 20-year career without facing the scrutiny of being caught red handed with a tasty morsel has truly accomplished something worthy of celebration.

All joking aside, years back – before the 24-hour Wal-Mart or Vons, stores and restaurants were closed. The only place open 24 hours a day was the local doughnut shop. Officers could stop by for a quick snack and a cup of coffee as a boost to get them through the night shift. As for the age old question, I can not think of anyone that does not like a doughnut from time to time.

Now that I have laid it on the line, I do have a bit of advice to offer: When an officer tells you that your eyes are red and watery and asks if you have had anything to drink, do not respond by asking if they have had a doughnut because their eyes are glazed.

Until next month, leave the power rings to us and stay safe…

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