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Art In Boulder City
Featuring Benjamin Kearns, Artist

Benjamin Kearns is a local artist who will be attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, this fall as an art major. Ben is a 2006 graduate of Boulder City High School and is a recipient of the Boulder City Art Guild Scholarship as well as the State of Nevada Millennium Scholarship. Ben is an active artist who maintains a painting studio as well as his web site,

Art has always been a part of Benjamin’s life, as his parents are both artists. Ben remembers painting as a little boy. From the time he was three years old, there was an easel with tempera paint set up on the back patio. Ben would venture into his father’s studio to use grown up materials such as India ink and sumi brushes, acrylics and oil paints.

About two years ago Ben became established as an adult artist. At the time, his mother was working on a series of small paintings that he thought were somewhat interesting. During that same period, Ben walked over to Art in the Park to check out the show. This sparked his creativity, and he began devoting serious time to painting. As he developed his first series, word began to spread, and Ben’s paintings started to sell. His paintings may be viewed on his web site, and as one can see his work is energetic and vibrant.

Ben is an avid hiker who enjoys the terrain of Glacier National Park, Southern Utah, The Valley of Fire, and Red Rock Canyon. He feels deeply inspired by nature and loves fresh air, vast night skies filled with stars and panoramic views, as well as the physical challenge of extended hikes. Mostly Ben is drawn to the tremendous energy in nature, as is reflected in his paintings. As Ben says, “ When I’m out in nature, I get such a feeling of energy and calm at the same time. I’ll see a sunset or a particular rock formation that becomes my inspiration for a painting. Although my painting looks non-objective, I think of it more as abstraction, as it is usually inspired by nature. What I like to portray is the energy I feel from the experience.”

Currently, Ben works in oils. Most of his paintings range in size from 20" by 20", up to 48" by 48". He recently has been exploring sculpture and ceramics. Although the media is quite different from oil paint, Ben loves the process of interacting with materials and watching a piece unfold. It is the creative process itself that brings energy to the experience. Ben feels inspiration in great bursts of energy that draw him into the studio over and over again to create.

Visit Ben's web site at

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