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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Have you ever heard about Bodies or ever seen it? Well I have heard of it and I have seen it. This place is just a big museum of real bodies at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. To me it’s not as creepy because I like things like that. Anyway, this museum doesn’t just have bodies of people it has parts of people like a part of a tongue and it shows you what a tongue is like from someone’s mouth.

Now don’t worry, people don’t just come up to you and say “we need a body part” and cut a part of you off, there is actually a list that people put their name on, and I think you know the rest.

In one room, there was all just veins, you know what that is right? It’s just these blue and red string like things that run through your body that carry your blood throughout your body. Did you know that if you could take your veins out of your body and try to stretch them out they would be about 60,000 miles long! That can rap around the world 2 times!

Next was a person’s body cut in half and you can see all the body parts you have like the liver, the lungs, the muscles, and many more body parts!

Next was the brain. The brain was really weird. It had the memory cord that runs through the back of your spine to your tailbone. I couldn’t believe this was all real! And all of this is in your body!

Another part was a “take care of your body” kinda thing. I showed you lungs of people who smoked! The lungs where all black and bumpy. You know how I know it was bumpy? Well I got to touch one. There was more things than the lung like there was a liver, a kidney, and a bone. It was all real. After that I of course washed my hands!

At the end of the exhibit there was a book of comments and I put something in it. I will never forget Bodies! It was totally amazing! And plus I bought the book so I think I won’t forget it.

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