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Spotlight on Business
by Mark F. Tolar

Custom Home Loans
I have been coming to this oasis in the desert, Boulder City, for over 20 years. I ran a successful business which provided a living for me, my wife and two sons in a small Southern California town. I was able to sell my business and move to Boulder City in June of 1999, which my wife and I had dreamed of doing for many years.

Since moving to Boulder City, my eldest son has become a Police Officer with the City of North Las Vegas, and my youngest son is serving his country in the United States Navy. My wife and I are very proud of both of them.
I became a licensed Loan Officer in February of 2003 and soon after became a Qualified Employee/Branch Manager of a local Mortgage Company here in Boulder City. I have helped numerous families purchase the house of their dreams and assisted many others with refinancing to achieve financial security.
I was recently approached by a different Mortgage Company, Custom Home Loans, to re-establish a new presence and office here in Boulder City. I researched Custom Home Loans and their business values. I determined they have set forth much of the same moral codes which I live by, which are: Virtue, Reputation, Excellence, Prosperity and Enterprise. These values have allowed Custom Home Loans to grow their business into one of the largest and most successful Mortgage Companies in Southern Nevada.
With all of this in mind I have made the decision to get on board with them. This will enable me to provide a new high level of service to Boulder City.
My new office is located at 1000 Nevada Highway, Suite #104, Boulder City, and my phone number is (702) 324-5670.
I will be offering a full line of mortgages, including home, commercial and investor mortgages. Give me a call, you’ll be glad you did!

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