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Library Corner
by Duncan R. McCoy, Director
Boulder City Library

Library Donations
The holiday season is lots of fun at Boulder City Library. This year we saw lots of gifts from our friends around the community. Library patrons brought in a small mountain of candy, cookies and other goodies, enabling all of us on the staff to eat our way through the holidays! An anonymous donor gifted the Library with $1,000 for children’s services and a former Boulder City resident returned a book due Sept. 7, 1977 (28 years late!) along with a donation of $300 for the Library.

Two beautiful art books by artist Rita Abbey have been donated to the Library by Greg Radig and Sharon Heher of the “Fire and Water Gallery” here in Boulder City. Nevada artist Rita Deanin Abbey is Emeritus Professor of Fine Arts at UNLV and has been a prolific and gifted artist and educator both here in Nevada and in New Mexico. Greg and Sharon presented Boulder City Library with Rita Abbey’s Rio Grande Series (Gar Or, 1996) with reproductions of the artist’s abstract monoprints inspired by shapes and hues of the American Southwest. Also presented to the Library from the “Fire and Water Gallery” was a folio edition of reproductions entitled Isaiah Stained-Glass Windows: In the Sanctuary of Temple Beth Sholom, Las Vegas, Nevada, by Rita Deanin Abbey (Gar Or, undated). These stained-glass windows in the temple were designed by Professor Abbey who took great pains in the publication of the book to ensure accurate rendition of color in the reproductions. The text of the book is in both English and Hebrew and the illustrations are fabulous. Both of these gorgeous books will be processed into Boulder City Library’s Nevada Collection and will be available for viewing shortly.

In this photo, Boulder City artist and library assistant Marion “Happy” Hoekenga admires the Rita Abbey art books presented by the “Fire and Water Gallery.”

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