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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections

Garage Firewall
The garage is where we store our gasoline for the lawnmower and other chemicals used around the home. It’s because of this that the garage is at a much higher risk than the rest of the home for a fire. The International Residential Code now requires that all common walls between the garage and occupied areas maintain a fire barrier. This is accomplished with finished drywall and a solid core entry door to the home. A properly maintained barrier will give the residents additional time to vacate the property safely and help limit the amount of damage to the structure.

The fire barrier is generally compromised by the installation of plumbing fixtures such as water softeners and sinks. After cutting the drywall in order to make connections within the wall, the holes left behind are not sealed properly. Homeowners may install drop down ladders to the attic area and pet doors in the garage entry door. In most cases these items are made of wood or plastics and carry no fire ratings. Some people may realize that these penetrations are code violations but still never move to correct them. What you may not know is that you may be placing your family at not only a safety but a financial risk as well.

If you have installed a wooden drop down ladder in the garage ceiling and do have a fire it could penetrate through the ceiling and enter the attic area where it will quickly spread to the rest of the home. This will cause extensive damage to the property and make it more difficult for the fire department to extinguish the fire. Afterwards you may find that the insurance adjuster may determine that much of the liability will be at the fault of the homeowner and may only cover a small portion of the reconstruction. So, know the risks and think about the safety and financial ramifications if you happen to have a fire emergency.

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