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Cover Story
by Sharon Craig
Sharon's Special Surprises

Basic Instinct
What basic instinct starting with the letter “S” drives women wild? Although men may have another idea, every woman knows the answer is SHOPPING! Fortunately, there are many wonderful stores to satisfy this basic instinct right in downtown Boulder City.

One of the very newest choices is the Goatfeathers Shopping Mall, located in the historic old laundry building located at 1300 Wyoming St.

Before you go in, check out the great mural of the founders on the outside which was painted by our local mural artist, Connie Ferraro. There are over 85 vendors in the Goatfeathers Shopping Mall so shoppers can browse and inspect hand-crafted jewelry, old precious books, spectacular photographs, antique furniture and other treasures, as well as shabby chic accessories.

Shoppers can also meet and greet our local gregarious glass blower, The Crystal Wizard, as he creates a work of art in front of your very eyes. Goatfeathers’ new book vendor, Everett Chase the Bookseller, would love to share his knowledge about every book in his collection. A determined shopper must inspect every nook and cranny in the spacious, item-filled Goatfeathers Shopping Mall to ferret out the best deals.

Goatfeathers Shopping Mall is adding another 3,000 square feet to the existing 5,000 square feet so another 60 to 80 vendors will soon be providing an even more exciting shopping adventure.

The new area should be ready by March of 2007 and will include a snack area so shoppers can fuel up to continue the all-important shopping “mission.”

In case you’re wondering, the word “goatfeathers” was coined by Ellis Parker Butler in 1912 when he wrote: “Goatfeathers are the distractions, sidelines and deflections that take man’s attention from his own business and keep him from getting ahead.” Well, humbug. Men and especially women will not be distracted from finding that special addition to their home among the endless selections.

Goatfeathers Shopping Mall is not the only place to satisfy your basic shopping instinct in historic downtown Boulder City. Located in the famed Boulder Dam Hotel are a variety of shops selling tasteful items for the home and family, as well as the Art Guild Gallery and the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum shop. Surrounding the Boulder Dam Hotel are a dazzling selection of fun shops including Fiddlesticks quilting shop, Grandma Daisy’s where you can get yummy candy and ice cream, and Periwinkle Cottage for housewares and antiques. On main street we have a fascinating gem and rock shop and our handy hardware store for the guys. There are also several antique shops such as Antique Depot and Back in Thyme with aisles and aisles of even more gifts just waiting to be explored. Don’t just go into one of our antique stores and ask, “What’s new?” Take a good look around. That perfect gift may be just inside the door.

All this shopping will require a refreshment break. Fortunately, downtown Boulder City offers a tasty treat for everyone. A hand made muffin at Treasured Times Teahouse, an award-winning burger at Coffee Cup, a one-of-a-kind sandwich at Chiarelli’s, a quality glass of wine at Milo’s or perhaps a delicious sit-down dinner at the Hotel.

As Boulder City residents, let’s satisfy our Basic Instinct for shopping by visiting our wonderful local shops and restaurants for holiday shopping, as well as our new shopping year.

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