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The Arts
by Darryl Martin

Why Buy Original Art?
This is a question which has become increasingly complex to answer, as reproduced art, or copies, become better in quality through technology, more accessible through retail outlets, and less expensive due to mass production.  Truly, why should I buy an original painting at “ART in the Park” when I can purchase a Van Gogh reproduction ( on canvas, no less) from J.C. Penney’s for $89.50, and, it would fit perfectly over my sofa?

Well, I have done this several times, and you know where these reproductions have ended up seven or eight years later?  The sofa got re-upholstered and the Van Gogh copy ended up in a yard sale - it didn’t sell- and then eventually went to St. Jude’s Thrift shop.  The value of that reproduction went from $89.50 to Zero with absolutely no chance of a recovery.

On the other hand, the original paintings which I have purchased through the years are still hanging proudly in my home and the original pottery and glass is still displayed on shelves.  Several of the items are now 10, 15 or 20 years old , and I enjoy them as much or more today than the day I brought them home.

That continued enjoyment of original art is so fulfilling, but oh so difficult to explain.  Could it be that the artist’s soul is transmitted through the work of art to all those who look upon it?  Could it be that the work itself comes from a higher power, and the artist is only a chosen vehicle?

All we know for sure is that artist’s must produce art.  They are called to do so, and suffer intensely if they don’t obey the call.  Their art is a gift to the greater world - a gift that can be copied - But, only the original will produce the joy and fulfillment of the  kind  that transcends what money can buy.

Oh, buy the way, as an aside, that original piece of art you purchase will hold its value - no depreciation when you take it off the lot.  Not even the Ferrari dealer can promise that.

Next time you get the chance, take my advice - “Buy Original” - you won’t be sorry.

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