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Analects From The Publisher
by Ev Chase

Is Daddy Worried?
As far as the remaining soldier in my family, the last I heard is, he is still waiting to go to Iraq.
His job is small weapons repair, but he just returned from training at Ft. Pickett, VA. as a Petroleum Supply Specialist.

Spotlight On Business
Having a Memorial Day to honor the men and woman who served in our country's military and who fought and died in defense of our country is certainly honorable, but we must not forget the business of caring for those veterans who are still with us and need our attention.

Gary Bermeosolo, Veteran's Home Administrator fills us in about the progress, some history, and what's happening at the Nevada State Veterans Home on the hill off Nevada Highway at the first stoplight coming from the Vegas Valley.

Cover Story
It really doesn't make a difference which specific date or story is assigned to Memorial Day. What matters is the purpose and the reason. We have covered a few of the stories that have surfaced over the years to recognize and honor our fallen service men and women.

The consensus is Memorial Day arose from the ashes of the war between the states, but like the stories we cover it's the thought that counts.

Traveling Outside Nevada
From the beginning Traveling Thru Nevada has adjusted it's reason for being. Actually it began with a trip through Arizona, but what the heck, we love our neighbors too.

Tech Tip
It's only fitting, after Brad took dozens of pictures, photos, or images whatever they call them. And of course Brad came back from Vietnam and decided to fill you in on something about photographing.

BCPD Informer
Sgt. John Chase is back to provide information about something very important to everyone. An unbelievable statistic leads his column - every 15 minutes a teenager looses their life drinking.

Susan Higley has some bio-feedback advise. I have heard of bio-feedback, it means giving people information twice.

The Arts
Talking about original - that's what is going on this month when Darryl Martin swings into action with the real thing in the way of art information. And Darryl know from what he speaks.

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