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Center of Attention
by T.J. Merck
Guy Finley, author of Let Go And Live In The Now was in town recently promoting his book. I saw many of you at his seminar at the BC Theatre.

Mr. Finley shared thoughts of how we can awaken ourselves to the constant, repetitive activity of our mind, and alleviate the pressure we feel to be somewhere other than where we are right now.

First, pause and recognize that we spend more time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future than we spend in the present. Secondly, realize our assumption that something more needs to happen in order for us to be happy is false.

I was thinking of this while hiking up Red Mountain and watching the mountain bikers with a little envy. I knew they were totally in the present moment – It’s impossible to think about yesterday or tomorrow while racing down a mountainside. But, Extreme Sports is an extreme example of how to bring yourself into the present.

As a Fitness Trainer, focus is paramount in my life. Fitness is not only about physical strength and appearance. It encompasses how our mind and body work together. Implementing attention-control techniques keeps unwanted thoughts from invading our present moment.

If training properly, body alignment, balance, breathing, muscle control… should be your Center of Attention.

I recently witnessed a woman “performing” a chest-press and all the while she’s telling a girlfriend about how years ago her mother-in-law….

Such conversations might be better shared over a glass of wine at Milo’s.

If you can think about the past and moreover, talk about it while training, you’re wasting an opportunity to be present. And, its going to be a long journey to your fitness goals.

The journey to your fitness goals can be as enjoyable as actually reaching your fitness goals -- If you stop the clatter in your mind, commit your complete attention to one thing – if only for one hour, you may find the serenity you crave.

TJ Merck is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Fitness Competitor. Comments and questions welcome. Contact TJ at

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