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BCPD Informer
by John Chase

The first week of the Nevada Legislature is already over, as of the writing of this article, and nearly 100 bills have been introduced. I found it interesting as I was looking at the bills that three of them contained more information about prohibiting various forms of “Civil Compromise”. While I don’t want this to turn into a legal column I found this topic to be of interest.

AB10, “Prohibits the civil compromise of battery that constitutes domestic violence”. The fiscal note attached to the bill indicates that the “effect on local government is that it increases or newly provides for a term of imprisonment in a county or city jail or detention facility.” Perhaps I am old fashioned, but if someone commits battery that constitutes domestic violence as defined by the Nevada Revised Statute, I think a little – or perhaps a lot - of jail time is in order.

Existing law allows a court to compromise misdemeanors when the person injured by the act has a civil remedy. If the compromise is granted, the judge may then stay the offense and discharge the defendant. In essence, the civil compromise serves as a settlement for the alleged criminal offense. While the process of a civil compromise has been upheld at the Nevada Supreme Court, it seems that this bill will eliminate a civil compromise for battery that constitutes domestic violence – makes sense to me.

This bill was introduced on behalf of the City of Henderson. Until next month, stay safe.

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