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The Arts
by Darryl Martin

America - Land of Opportunity
America is truly a land of opportunity in many ways - politically, financially and in the great freedom of expression granted to us by the first amendment of the Constitution.

This freedom of expression is a wonderful and liberating thing for artists - the whole reason why many artists through the years have defected from totalitarian countries. However, this freedom comes with a price in America. . . the price being no financial support from the government, and often lesser respect, as this country gives adulation mostly to those who make ‘beaucoup bucks’.

Thus, the true artist in America is not generally painting or writing through the day and into the night as portrayed in the movies; they are your plumber, your carpenter, your accountant or insurance agent. They must have a ‘day job’ to pay the rent, and then must pursue their artistic passions in their spare time only. This is difficult at best.

However, we are blessed in Boulder City to have a great community of artists who desire to empower one another, and to have citizens who love to experience and support the artists’ works.

The Boulder City Arts Council exists to support and nurture the bond between Boulder City artists and their audience. And, we are excited to report that the Nevada Arts Council has recently recognized Boulder City as one of the leading communities in Nevada promoting the arts and its artists.

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