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Analects From The Publisher
by Ev Chase

An Idea From The Book Guy
Someone expressed an idea they had related to my advertisement in 'The Magazine'. I liked it, so I decided to steal it, expand it, and call it my own.

The idea is to coordinate a book, or a short book list, advertised by the Book Guy, with articles or stories appearing in the magazine. Spot Light On Business, North Thru Nevada, and possibly the cover story, would be coordinated with books relating to each theme or subject of the article.

For example; this month's cover story is an interview with local artist and sculptor, Steven Liguori, which would spawn the presentation of books about art.

Spotlight On Business features Auto Specialist. Obviously automotive repair or books about cars would work here.

I intend to provide a short book review related to the featured books while tying it to the interviewee's craft, business, or talent.

If by coincidence, an interviewee is the author of a book, providing a review of his or her book in this portion of this column would be appropriate.

In addition, I would like to help Boulder City authors sell their books, but knowing there is a limitation in numbers I expect many of the books will will be plucked from the thousands I have left over from the First Edition book store. Which, I might add, will soon be uploaded to my web site now being designed by The Magazine's talented Art Director, Brad Appleby.

Cover Story
Steve Liguori, Sculptor, is the subject of this month's cover story. While we are all familiar with Steve's work locally, he has created some interesting pieces of art work around the Las Vegas Valley also. In fact, Steve actually designed a Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree at the White House in December of 2001. From his humble beginnings in Las Vegas working at the Desert Inn Hotel, to the beginning of his art career with his father, Bruno, Steve's story is one to check out.

North Thru Nevada
Doris Woodliff revisits us in this month's issue to discuss the 75 Arabian dromedaries, one hump camels, that the United States Army brought to the Southwest in 1856. It makes for interesting reading in this part of the world.

Spotlight on Business
My interview for this month's magazine was with Tony Meleo of Auto Specialists. Auto Specialists has been providing automotive excellence to the residents of Boulder City for over 30 years. Find out how he started out and how he has stayed so successful. Kerry Stevens and Tony Meleo are members of the Sunrise Rotary Club.

Tech Tip
Art and Advertising Director, and local college tech teacher Brad Appleby, reminds us of some of the past articles he has worked on over the past few months relating to computer safety.

BCPD Informer
Officer John Chase of our Boulder City Police Department is with us again and we hope for a long time. John writes about statistics this month, but not the boring kind, more like the astonishing kind. Find out how our small town generates too much work for our diligent Police Force.

Health & Fitness
T.J. Merck, owner of Merck Fitness, lends her expertise this month for our Health & Fitness column and talks about proper fitness training and its importance for our health.

The Arts
Darryl Martin, President of the Boulder City Arts' Council, describes the "freedom of expression" by artisans throughout the industry, as well as right here in our small city.

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