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Congressional Updates
U.S. Congressman Jon C. Porter

Increased Tax Relief for Child Care and Early Learning Programs
Congressman Jon Porter (R-NV) announced today the introduction of legislation that expands the Dependent and Child Care Tax Credit and makes it refundable.

"For many Americans, child care represents the second largest expense next to the rent or mortgage payment," said Porter. "The tax code has not kept pace with the rising costs of child care, making it more difficult for parents to take advantage of tax relief when it comes to the child care tax credit," he said. "While the state legislature works to find ways to provide all-day kindergarten, this legislation will get families one step closer to that goal. This bill will provide greater access to the voluntary programs, that help ensure our children are ready to achieve when they enter school," said Porter.

H.R. 2249 would allow families to deduct the costs of child care and early education like all-day kindergarten or preschool on their yearly taxes. The law also ends the discrimination against larger families, and makes the child care tax credit available for expenses up to $3,000 per child, regardless of how many children or dependents a family has.

Rep. Porter went on to say, "We need to do all we can to keep American families strong. Expanding the child care tax credit will give more American families the benefit of tax relief while giving Moms and Dads the peace of mind in knowing their children are safe while they are at work. By expanding this tax credit, the government will also help encourage parents to utilize services in the community that not only provide child care, but also provide greater educational opportunities for our youngest students."

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