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Analects From The Publisher
by Ev Chase

Time Marches On and So Do I
After completing eight years as publisher of the Boulder City Home Guide and Boulder City the Magazine, I'm turning it over to someone younger, more energetic, and certainly more talented. Brad Appleby, Art & Advertising Director, will also be your Editor, Publisher, etc. Me? I'll be writing now and then, selling books and becoming more active in the Boulder City Literary Foundation, Inc. Maybe, I'll start another publication. Something literary so some of you will have a chance to write. Call Doris Woodliff our Writer's Roundtable Moderator and get info. 294-1930

Spotlight On Business
Having announced last year to an audience at a "Tuesday Morning" breakfast that Everett Chase was an inspiration in his youth has nothing to do with County Commisioner Bruce Woodbury and Bruce Woodbury Attorney at Law appearing in our Spotlight on Business column. Reading the article you will realize the inspiration provided by me was limited to sports.
Commisioner Woodbury, who followed his own road, is a stand-up guy, a great benefit to the community and a native Nevadan. Coincidently, Woodbury joins me and Steve Liguori (March cover), as Boulder City residents who grew up in the John S. Park area of Las Vegas. I realize there are others from Las Vegas, but are there more of you from JSP? Let me know.

Cover Story
If I were to travel through my life again I would not waste my time and the GI Bill on a degree in Business Finance, but follow the more interesting course of American History. Do you realize if the colonist had not fought the Redcoats and won, Tony Blair might be our ruler? Our Independence Day is more often called the 4th of July, with fireworks, parades, picnics in the park and all that jazz. The cover reflects some of that, but the cover story may take you back to your US History books, or at least remind you to think about it during these times of trouble.

Traveling Outside Nevada
I didn't have to travel far to get this story. As far as the National Park Service to see an enthusiastic Roxanne Dey. Roxanne is the Public Affairs Officer for the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It wasn't hard for me to understand why she has her job. She overwelmed me with her enthusiasm and knowledge for the activities under her care. You can catch some of that enthusiasm too.

Tech Tip
Often one can sit in front of the television and listen to discussions and have no idea what the parties are talking about - especially when it comes to technology, the internet websites, etc. So be it when I looked at the TV screen the other day and said to my honey, what the heck is a blog? Brad tells us.

BCPD Informer
"BMX is Not a Crime" according to Sgt. John Chase, its a slogan and better yet a good way to help young bike riders to learn to be responsible citizens. Find out all about how the Police help the kids of BC.

The Arts
We spotted several of the Ely murals Darryl Martin points out in his Let's paint this town article, but he doesn't stop there. He's hopped up on the growing number of murals we have in our own back yard - rather on our own walls around the town area.

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