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Tuesday Morning
by Ev Chase

Cover Story

I call it Flying High - Good for Boulder City. The airport may have been on the back burner for a while, but people are beginning to realize the airport is good business for Boulder City - and good fun! My interview with Mike Minshall, Airport Coordinator, helps give us the low down on what's up.

Spotlight on Business
Aerobatic Experience? Not for me. When I left the Navy I left the seaplanes bouncing on the water without me. Rocket and bomb runs in a P5M cured me of looking for thrill rides. But you may like them. Have a look-see at what and who is hanging out in the hangers at the Boulder City Airport. You might find out you can have a heck of a good time.

Health & Fitness
Health and Fitness this month is about getting back to the "Fun of Movement." My movement for many years has been only the motion of running. That was OK, but until you learn how to work the whole body one way movements come back to haunt you.
Tune into the column written by Kathleen Wood and find out how somersaulting, twirling and kicking can help you stay healthy and fit physically as well as developing a better attitude toward how you look and feel. Find out what you can do to help yourself get into the shape you want to be.

North Thru Nevada
I am told, "what goes around comes around," but when I left EG&G and the Nevada Test Site in 1963 to spend the next 25 years as a State Farm Insurance Agent, I did not think the Test Site would ever be a part of my life again. But it is. I have found that I am part of Nevada Test Site History - certifiably. I recently discovered a certificate to prove I was there. When writing the April 2004 North Thru Nevada article, I became interested in the Test Site and the Museum from the historic point of view. Since, I have taken the Test Site tour and have volunteered as a Docent to take visitors through the Museum. When the April article was written the museum was not yet open, but when you read this we will be ready for visitors. I have a lot to learn to catch up with those Docents who worked to retirement from the Test Site.

BCPD Informer
Officer John Chase of our Boulder City Police Department is with us again and we hope for a long time.
John writes about statistics this month, but not the boring kind, more like the astonishing kind. Find out how our small town generates too much work for our diligent Police Force.

Tech Tip
Art and Advertising Director and local college tech teacher, Brad Appleby, writes about this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month.
A lot of new gadgets are on tap for the enthusiast. For example; MTX's Thunder Jack Hammer is a 22 inch 320 pound subwoofer that handles 5000 watts RMS.

The Arts
The Dam Short Film Festival is coming up soon - Feb. 4th, 5th, and 6th actually. 100 short films will be screened at the American Legion Hall.
In its second year, it appears to be accepted as an event which may be added to our other outstanding events that occur in Boulder City.

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