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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby

The Consumer Electronics Show, CES, was held in Las Vegas in January. Here are just a few things coming.

LG announced the immediate availability of their 71-inch plasma display panel (PDP) at a price of $75,000. Belive it or not, there are even larger PDPs in development. Samsung announced the 80-inch PDP they displayed at the 2004 CES will arrive in retail in 2005. Size-wise, Samsung's prototype 102-inch (8.5-feet diagonal) PDP was the "largest in the world".

Hewlett-Packard has announced the availability of LightScribe-enabled products. LightScribe is a technology which uses the embedded laser in DVD recordable drives to etch titles and artwork directly onto the surface of the DVD. There are also other DVD burners that will write on both sides of the DVD and two layers deep for more storage.

A new robot from Wow Wee, the Robopet, will be available soon. Looking like a cross between a goat and an underfed dog, this new robot will be able to sit up on its hind legs, perform some simple tricks and even learn through positive and negative reinforcement.

The next-generation mobile phone network is out. Verizon led the US mobile phone market into the third generation, offering 32 cities high-speed data services and three new handsets. These handsets can help you send pictures from multimegapixel cameraphones.

MTX's Thunder Jack Hammer is a 22 inch 320 pound subwoofer that handles 5000 watts RMS. It has a 900 oz magnet, and can handle peaks of 10,000 watts.

There was a lot of excitement at the show, so now we just have to wait for some of these new products to hit the stores. There is a lot going on in this Tech world of ours and I will keep trying to provide you with some fun and useful information each month. It's great to live in Boulder City and be only a few minutes from all the trade shows in Las Vegas.

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