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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Summer Vacation
One more minute and... School is out! Finally, waiting all these months and it has come. Summer! What do I want to do on my summer vacation? Where should I begin.
Well, the first thing I want to do is go to South Dakota to see all my Dad’s side of the family. That’s where they all live. That’s what I did last summer vacation, and it was fun. When I’m visiting there, I like to get horseback riding lessons from my cousins that live up there and go four-wheeling too. My cousin Sammy is cool. She is 18 and lots of fun. We like to do all the girly stuff like go to spas and get our hair done. I also love going go-karting with my grandpa, it’s so much fun! My two grandmas and grandpas have their own shops, one in the mall and one near the highway. I like helping my grandmas and grandpas with their shops, especially the one in the mall, so I can shop around on my break!

That’s not the only thing I like to do for summer vacation… Of course, going to the water park is fun. I love playing marc-o-polo, diving off diving boards, and just swimming. I like the outdoors a lot. It’s fun going camping and the best place to camp is Mt. Charleston. I like going with my mom and dad.

All year round I like sleeping over with my friend Amanda. We have so much fun. We like doing our hair, nails, make-up and watching movies… maybe even scary movies! Sometimes we stay up until 2 in the morning!

Summer is the best time to go on vacation and go to the movies with your friends and just have fun. Tell me what you are doing for summer vacation and send me an e-mail at info@bouldercity

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